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5 Ways to Generate Maximum B2B Leads

  • Aug 02, 2017
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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5 Ways to Generate Maximum B2B Leads

Generating leads for your B2B business is not a mystery if you plan right!

Lead generation is the end goal that becomes daunting for the marketers. It demands immense diligence, constant endeavor and intelligible strategies to strike right at the quest of generating maximum leads. The reason behind this never-ending chain of effort is that almost every business relies on the number of generated leads to gain its revenues.

However, the assurance of bringing qualified leads always remains uncertain and that makes the ground for many to proclaim that no one knows where B2B leads come from. Technically, that’s ‘no truth’.

Some perfectly planned and executed ideas can actually pump-up your marketing strategies and intensify leads for your business. Below are the few steps to generate maximum leads for B2B marketing:


Your prospect is your intended lead and thus it is, undeniably, the very first step to start with. If a marketer knows the right prospect he is intended to target, one part of the work is done. Prepare an answer sheet of these questions-

  • Who are my targeted prospects?
  • Where can I find my maximum customers?
  • What kind of advertisements (content and tone of interacting) can attract my most of the targeted customers?

Clear knowledge of ideal prospects eases the solving-process of converting them to qualified leads.


The never-failing formula to generate leads is to optimize sites for search engines. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stratagems optimizes your website and lets your business be known to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. A website packed with the right keywords grabs more attention of search engines enticing more audience to the business. Analyze your website, fix coding or technical errors, play with long tail keywords and update the data consistently.

According to HubSpot, a good SEO planning makes businesses attain 14% higher leads on an allocation of 12% of budget.


An impeccable content marketing strategy is ‘a must have’ for every business model. Marketers cannot convert a prospect into consumer if they are unaware of the types of content that can usher desirable results. This is the reason why more than 75% of marketers work hard on their content marketing blueprints. A few are:

  • Ebooks– Ebooks perform better in educating your targeted prospects and bringing credibility to your business which automatically escalates the level of lead generation.
  • Demos– Giving your audience an option to have a trial of the services or products you offer can be a big turn to your business.
  • Webinars- Host Webinars with relevant topics to win the trust of your audience. It is a modern way to get their contact information which in turn can give you opportunities to reach maximum leads.
  • Blogging- Blogging on a frequent and planned schedule reminds your audience of you and paves path to bring higher leads to your B2B business.

Whitepapers, Courses, Trials and Hosting real life events can also be comprised for generating leads.


It might reflect conventional but Email Marketing does work effectively and precisely when it comes to generate qualified leads. It requires an error-free database to imply it efficaciously. If you overcome this challenge, marketing with emails can be your best partner in achieving more leads and generating maximum revenues for your business.


The use of social media channels to spark-off leads has increased vigorously from 2014. Business decision makers find it the most cost-effective platform to establish their brands’ identity.

You should know which platform your buyers use most and apply the schemes accordingly.

As per LinkedIn, from social media, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Join a LinkedIn group that amalgamates most of your ideal audience, be an active part of the discussion forums, maintain consistency, build relationships and achieving qualified leads won’t be a difficult task.

Strategizing your content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be the better ways to amplify value to your business.

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