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Best B2B Campaigns Marketers Cannot Miss

  • Aug 11, 2021
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Best B2B Campaigns Marketers Cannot Miss

Creating the perfect marketing campaign can be very challenging. You need to develop unique concepts, plan and execute them, deal with budget issues, pick the right challenge, and whatnot.

Still, every once in a while, a stunning campaign pops up and leaves its mark. Marketers need to work tirelessly to ensure that their campaigns are effective.

Studies show that B2B buyers typically make about 12 online searches before interacting with a business. Therefore, they already have a rough image of your operations.

Therefore, it is important to create eye-catching campaigns and ensure that potential buyers get the best image of your business.

B2B Marketing Techniques

Let us dive into some of the most popular marketing techniques you can use to create successful campaigns.

1. Email Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 87% of all B2B marketers believe that emails are one of the best organic distribution channels at no cost.

Emails often lead to engagement, and you might be able to turn your subscribers into leads for your business.

Here are a few tips to increase your chances of success with email marketing.

  • Write intriguing subject lines.
  • Divide your subscribers into different categories and send emails accordingly.
  • Focus on only one call-to-action in an email.

2. Digital Marketing

It is now crucial for every business operation to have a sizeable digital presence. Your business should be visible on multiple platforms and use paid advertisements and search engine optimization to attract eyeballs.

Let’s look at some digital marketing tactics for effective B2B campaigns.

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Create a website.
  • Optimize your digital platforms.
  • Run paid campaigns.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing campaigns are typically resourceful and appeal to potential buyers. Moreover, they support SEO efforts, pulling potential customers to your business.

If you want to ensure success with content marketing, you should carefully align your material to the different stages of a customer’s journey.

When potential customers encounter content that is relevant to their phase, they are in a better position to make decisions.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is useful around the beginning of the customer’s journey in the case of B2B operations. It is an effective channel to share content and showcase your brand expertise.

Social media gives an online personality for your brand and humanizes the services, thereby attracting B2B leads.

Best B2B Marketing Campaigns Marketers Need To Check Out

Here are a few excellent examples of marketing campaigns that were able to achieve success in B2B businesses.

1. Sapphire Now Event by SAP

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days. While B2C marketers often make use of this technique, it is not as common in B2B operations.

Example: SAP, it is one of the only companies that leveraged influencer marketing for B2B promotions by inviting influencers to their annual customer conference, Sapphire Now.

SAP works with influencers within the industry to build the trust and confidence of the audience. Additionally, it also collaborates with global celebrities from other fields to reach new demographics and industries.



Source: SAP

2. “Can You Coach A 10-Year Old?” Video Campaign by Refract

Refract used this video to blend attractive content along with a demonstration of their business impact. Interestingly, the video garnered over 10,000 views on LinkedIn, that too organically.

Their rationale behind the video was to stand out from the crowd. Now, this isn’t typically an approach that B2B businesses take. However, Refract took the risk and succeeded.

Refract’s main aim behind the campaign was to catch people’s attention by showing a kid attempt something that most people tend to hate.

Watching a kid perform cold calling, an activity dreaded by most salespeople, resonated well with the audience while promoting Refract as a great platform for sales insights.

RefractSource: Refract

3. Let’s Make You A Business by Shopify

With the aim of motivating small business owners to use Shopify, the brand released a campaign to promote their services. It was a multi-channel campaign that included television advertisements, posters, signboards, video clips, etc.

All of these mediums demonstrated that Shopify is the best platform to start a business on. Since the campaign was so widespread, people encountered the advertisements several times in a day and on different mediums.

It ensured that Shopify was not just widely visible but also remembered.

ShopifySource: Shopify

Wrapping Up

Marketers often focus more on B2C campaigns, and B2B operations go ignored. However, these are equally important and need adequate time and effort.

Whether you go for email marketing, continent marketing, digital marketing, or social media marketing, your campaigns need to be creative. They have to offer some value to the viewers that will gravitate them towards your business.

These examples of successful campaigns show how important it is for your content to resonate with your audience. As long you create campaigns that are both relatable and relevant, you are on the right path.

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