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5 Must Know Emails To Get Insurance Industry Clients Hooked On Your Brand

  • Sep 03, 2021
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Marketing to the insurance industry involves promoting solutions that cater to their needs. Gone are the days when marketing meant sending your reps to insurance businesses’ offices in a bid to convince them to buy your product or service.

Today’s most successful marketers use digital channels and mainly email marketing to promote their new products in the insurance industry.

Especially after the introduction of email marketing automation, the bar has been raised. Below are some interesting email marketing statistics to know.

  • Email marketing yields an ROI of 35:1 as per a 2020 report.
  • The average CTR of emails is around 3%.
  • 4.24% of visitors from email marketing turn into paying customers.
  • 73% of marketers consider emails to be 40x more effective for lead generation.

So, if you’re ready to go on a journey from obsolete marketing tactics to super-effective email marketing, then you’re ready to dive into our top 5 email types that can lead you to exponential success and growth in 2021 and beyond. Let’s get started.

Why Is Using Different Types Of Emails So Important?

No matter how loyal, clients swiftly get tired of brands bombarding them with the same type of emails repeatedly. To keep them hooked, every business needs different types of emails in its strategy. Like, some of the messages should provoke interest in your product; some should be focused on selling and sales lead generation, while others should create an exceptional user experience.

Different Email Types For Better Customer Engagement

Welcome Email

Consider these emails as the gateway to your brand for a new subscriber. What makes them even more important for marketers is that the open rates for these emails are the highest (more than 50%) compared to any type of marketing email.

Source: Experian

So, if you want to achieve increased brand attention and introduce your brand to new customers, this is the must-have email to have in your marketing arsenal.

Helpful Tips For Creating Welcome Emails

  • Make your key features, branding, and mission clear to your subscribers.
  • For maximum impact, consider including a short guide to using your product in a video. Videos can increase your email open rates by 19%.
  • You can also include a link to the knowledge base.

The below welcome email by Monday.com keeps the tone conversational, simple and friendly, so the focus stays on the video featuring their product.


Source: Monday


If you plan on marketing your solutions via content marketing, this is the right type of email for you. Newsletters aim not to sell directly but to aggregate the best articles, podcasts, and videos and regularly deliver quality content to subscribers’ inboxes.

Helpful Tips For Creating Newsletters

As they are mainly sent out to build relationships with customers and enhance brand image, they should always be:

  • Well-structured
  • Interesting
  • Appealing
  • Personalized


Announcement Email

Businesses generally use these emails to introduce their new products and services, tell customers about upcoming events or any updates. Announcement emails, if created well, provoke interest in something new from your brand.

Helpful Tips For Creating Announcement Emails

The key to creating effective announcement emails is to:

  • Be straightforward and clearly state what it is about in the subject line.
  • Describe the benefits of the upcoming event or your new offering.
  • Include an enticing and crystal clear call to action.

The example email below by PixelMe encourages its clients to try their new features. With a minimalistic and sharp design, the email briefly describes the functions of the new feature and accentuates its advantages for users—the use of a clear CTA and emojis act like cherries on the cake.


Source: PixelMe

Lead Nurturing Email

There are always some customers who can’t decide on purchasing from your brand. Lead nurturing emails are for such customers. These emails are sent out with the aim to stay in touch with the customers and inspire them to purchase by showing them the benefits of your solution.

Helpful Tips For Creating Lead Nurturing Emails

The recipe to creating effective lead nurturing emails is simple:

  • Put recipients’ interests, needs, and pains first.
  • The content of these emails should be matched with the recipient’s position in the buyer’s journey. Approaching customers based on their buyers journey is a great marketing strategy.
  • Also, make sure to make your content personalized and relatable to your leads.

In the below example by Process Street – a business software provider-we see how the brand is not focused on selling its product. It offers a guide on avoiding distractions and being more productive, which is a problem faced by several insurers. But it does gently motivate the readers to learn more about their product, which is a smart move.

Process Street

Source: Process Street

Special Offer Email

Such emails offer an alluring discount or gift to readers and compel them to purchase as soon as possible.

Helpful Tips For Creating Lead Nurturing Emails

  • Take advantage of the FOMO tactic and add a time limitation to your offer.
  • Make the content simple, clear, concise, but powerful.
  • To personalize the emails, segment your email recipients.

In the example below, Mailchimp uses a professional layout and language to display its offer. It also uses this message to subtly request the message recipient to spread the word about its offer and services. Word of mouth marketing, when paired with the right email marketing strategies, can give a great boost to your marketing campaigns. The company puts everything into the visual side of their email so the readers may know what the email is about without going too deep into the mail.


Source: Mailchimp

Wrap Up

An email is your personal marketing tool and a formal notification from your brand. So if you use this medium wisely, it can prove to be a highly effective way to get any message across to your customers and subscribers. Several emails can be used for this purpose, but the emails described above are the most vital to your brand’s email marketing strategy.


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