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Impactful B2B Social Media Statistics Marketers Can Utilize

  • Sep 30, 2023
  • Posted By: Wes Lemos
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Social Media Marketing has shown immense opportunities for B2B companies to expand their outreach and drive growth for their business. From lead generation and client engagement to boosting website traffic and establishing thought leadership, social media has become a powerful tool for B2B marketers across industries.

However, to reap the benefits of social platforms, brands require a robust social media strategy driven by powerful research and data insights. If you are aiming to enhance your strategy for higher client engagement and ROI, exploring these B2B social media statistics can help.

b2b social media statistics

Increase of Social Media Usage

95% of B2B marketers use social media content in their marketing strategy, and 84% of B2B executives rely on social media while making active purchase decisions. As such, social media is a crucial channel for marketers and buyers in the B2B landscape.

Here are some B2B social media statistics that highlight the most popular social platforms among B2B marketers.


With a vast number of users, LinkedIn offers several prospects to B2B marketers. Hence, 95% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their strategies. However, targeting the right prospects requires an insight into the people who use LinkedIn.

1 out of 8 LinkedIn users have the power to make business decisions, and almost 25% of users are senior-level influencers. Furthermore, over half of B2B buyers turn to LinkedIn to make purchase decisions.

Your strategies must be designed considering the type of content that will appeal to these professionals.

X (Twitter)

While many question the significance of X in B2B marketing, considering its relatively smaller user base, its format and dynamic nature make it an ideal place to engage with potential prospects. As such, 86% of B2B content marketers use Twitter as a significant marketing platform.


Facebook has emerged as a go-to marketplace for B2C and B2B businesses.

Around 83% of B2B marketers include Facebook in their social media marketing plans, and 77% of B2B marketers use retargeting approaches in their advertising tactics.

The conversion rates for these ads are excellent as businesses can efficiently target a specific audience among the almost 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook. The average conversion rate for these ads is 9-10%.


YouTube is evolving into a crucial platform for B2B marketing efforts. 53% of B2B content marketers use YouTube in their strategy to generate leads. Moreover, 96% of B2B marketers consider video marketing an important part of their strategy.


Instagram is also gaining popularity, with 46% of B2B marketers using the platform. There are 2 billion active users on Instagram, of which 90% follow business accounts. So, this social platform has a promising future for B2B marketers.


TikTok currently has 1 billion monthly users. Most visitors use the platform to learn new things and look for engaging content. Owing to this, 61% of marketers now plan to increase their investment in TikTok marketing.

Moreover, 41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24, meaning 59% belong to other demographics, making it easier for B2B marketers to find and engage with their target audience.

Analyzing Engagement and Interactions on Social Channels

Tracking the engagement rates of your social posts helps you analyze which content is working for you and tweak your content strategy accordingly. B2B marketing specialists suggest a good engagement rate for your social posts is between 1% and 5%.

Per B2B social media statistics, videos are the most appealing type of content. Video posts get 5 times higher engagement on LinkedIn, and live video streams on Facebook witness 4 times higher interactions than static video and images. Tweets with GIFs witness 33% more interactions than text statuses. 87% of brands use Instagram reels to place Ads.

Enhanced Lead Generation in B2B

When it comes to social media lead generation statistics, 68% of marketers found that social media has helped them acquire more qualified leads than other channels.

Companies using social media marketing generate twice as many leads as traditional marketing.  21% of marketers agree that organic social posts generated the highest leads for them.

Average-sized B2B brands generate around 1800 leads in a month. Most marketers found LinkedIn to be the most effective for lead generation, providing about 80% of B2B leads. Another significant one among the B2B social media marketing statistics highlights that LinkedIn generates 3 times more qualified leads than Twitter and Facebook.

Exploring ROI Generated from B2B Social Media Marketing Efforts

Analyzing the returns on investment while designing your social media marketing strategy is important to enhance success rates and boost company growth. These B2B social media statistics can help you understand why you should invest in social media marketing to increase ROI.

  • The average ROI generated from social media ad campaigns is approximately 250%.
  • On average, B2B companies invest 9% of their promotional budgets in social media marketing.
  • As per Statista, 18% of B2B marketers believe the highest ROI is gained from Facebook marketing. 15% believe it’s Instagram, 15% say it’s TikTok, 14% believe YouTube generates the highest ROI, and 14% state it’s LinkedIn.

Understanding Social Media Marketing Budgets

Owing to the enhanced lead generation outcome, investment in social media marketing is increasing each day. About 60% of B2B companies are willing to hike their Instagram budget, and almost half plan to increase the budget for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Your investment in social media marketing can vary depending on the number of social platforms you use, expenditure on ads, or whether your internal team manages the campaigns or you outsource to others. On average, companies invest around $4,000 to $7,000 monthly in social media marketing and advertising and approximately $900 per week on social media ads alone.

Social media ads cover a good part of your marketing budget. The CPM of social media ads in 2022 was around $8.15. The average CPM for different social platforms is as follows

  • Facebook- $14.40
  • Instagram- $6.70
  • TikTok- $10
  • LinkedIn-$6.59
  • Youtube- $20


A strong B2B social media strategy backed by essential data, facts, and insights can help brands succeed within the highly competitive and evolving B2B dynamics. Insights from the B2B social media statistics discussed above can help you analyze your current strategies and make significant choices for the next campaigns.

While LinkedIn remains the top choice among B2B marketers to channel their promotional efforts, TikTok is witnessing the highest engagement rates from potential customers, with video posts driving the greatest number of interactions than other content types.

Brands now agree that social media helps them acquire qualified leads, with LinkedIn as the number one channel for lead generation. Although social media marketing generates high ROI for businesses, you must plan your budget considering the investments required for ad campaigns, social media management, and more.

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