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Blue Mail Media Unleased Record Breaking Sales & ROI for the Industrial Engine Manufacturing Firm

Leading Industrial Engine Manufacturer

About the client:

The clientele is one of the Chief Industrial Engine Manufacturers established in the USA, primarily focusing on producing EPA-certified industrial engines. Their product lines include engines powered by LP gas, natural gas, and gasoline.

They are committed to finding innovative solutions to diminish the dependence on crude oil supply. Hence, they serve a diverse audience, including construction companies, agricultural sectors, winter recreation, etc.

So far, the company has extended its client base throughout North America, delivering the best quality power requirements. It started with humble beginnings and has established its presence across the US by continuously striving for excellence.


The industrial engine manufacturing organization was bothered by multiple constraints while trying to improve its sales and ROI. Here are a few of the concerns that urgently needed business intervention:


Blue Mail Media identified the need for efficient email marketing strategies with a reachable and responsive industry-specific list such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, retailers in medical equipment, oil & gas industry, agriculture industry and more. The client’s specific requirements encouraged us to precisely provide them with verified records that helped their business identify the best prospects and increase sales.

Here are the features of the records provided to our client:       


After employing Blue Mail Media’s accurate industry database, the client experienced a massive turnover in certain business areas. The remarkable triumphs for the business showed that reliable data, with strategic drip campaigns, attracts potential leads. Eventually, it resulted in an accelerated pace of business growth and ROI.

Here are the remarkable goals the business accomplished:

11 Years of Industry Expertise

100+ Million Business Records

1+ Million Verification Calls

8+ Million Verification Emails

Served 4K+ Clients Globally