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5 Top B2B Brands That Are Winning It with Social Media

  • Dec 13, 2017
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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5 Top B2B Brands That Are Winning It with Social Media

The urge to find new ways of developing relationships with prospects has led the B2B marketers to a certain obligation of being ‘there’ on social media. The impact is so intense that the entire marketing equation has been changed and studies state that 83% of B2B marketers use social media; making it the most common B2B marketing tactic.

With innovative content strategies, many B2B brands are jumping on the social bandwagon which is not limited to LinkedIn. They are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even SnapChat; and are actually nailing them. Here I have summed up 5 B2B brands that are driving engagement better than e-commerce industries with their unique social media marketing strategies:

1. Adobe


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Adobe is known for its creative digital media tools and marketing solutions. If you take a look at its Instagram account, all you will find is a vibrant splash of unique and exciting images and videos that entice the viewers’ attention at the moment. With 1,410 posts and 565, 837 followers; Adobe drives a huge engagement rate on Instagram.

There are stories depicted through visuals and complementary text that will keep you captivated. The post below shows a simple but genius mix of art and innovation.

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2. Microsoft


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How can those pure B2B companies execute social media marketing strategies the right way? The social media accounts of the computer software giant Microsoft are a perfect answer to the question.

Microsoft is using Twitter to share content that not only speaks of the brand but also motivates the audience to create a better world. Under the caption – 3D Holiday, above is the screenshot of an animated video on Microsoft’s Twitter account showing an imaginary 3D adventure of Sasha, a young girl, and her friend ‘Gabe the Yeti’ with the caption – create a better world. In just 15 hours, the post had 834 likes and 350 shares.

With 13,423 tweets, Microsoft enjoys 8,309,013 followers on Twitter. Isn’t it a significant figure to consider?

3. Phillips


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B2B marketers are gaining huge brand visibility with social media and Phillips is one among them. With 17 boards and 4,726 followers on the Pinterest account, Phillips is inspiring not only B2B but also many B2C brands through its innovative stories. Be it the history of Phillip’s establishment or the trending technologies, it covers every aspect of the brand and never fails to inspire.

Above is the Discovering Innovation board on Phillips’ Pinterest account– an impressive collection of 92 pins focused on stories of innovative gadgets aiming at improving the lives of people. From the Internet of Things to Phillip’s unique products, this board gives a closer and analytic look of everything that falls as the latest in technology.

4. Novartis


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In the catalog of tech giants focusing on social media, Novartis is the one global healthcare company that is killing it, unlike any other brand. The Facebook page of Novartis has 270,982 followers, and the Pinterest page is followed by 1,777.

The content on their social media accounts is all about healthcare but is conveyed, every time, in an intelligent and creatively informative way. Sometimes they launch their services with the views of scientists making the services more relevant. You will also find the stories of patients and conversations with them sharing their critical conditions. Above is a post from Novartis’ Facebook page telling the story of a child’s ‘unexpected fight with childhood cancer.’

5. IBM


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We can’t skip mentioning IBM when it comes to B2B brands connecting with the audience via digital marketing. The accounts of IBM carry a whopping number of 971,246 followers on Facebook, 409,799 on Twitter, and 4,294 on Pinterest, and the numbers are still increasing.

What appeals most to the prospects is not only the products but also the consistent focus on imparting content that is equally educative. Above is a post on IBM’s Facebook page and the tagline given in the video – Science and Star Wars with IBM itself fascinates the viewers.

Wrap up –

It’s not just the number of followers but the reason behind those loyal followers that excels these B2B brands in social media marketing. Instead of adopting the tricks and tone of B2C companies, these businesses are following the voice of their brands – the commitment with which they started. They bring creativity but never let educative content out of focus.

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