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Blue Mail Media Helps a B2B Event Company With Custom List Building Solution

Client Background

The client is a global business to business event company with offices located in major cities across six continents, including New York, Sydney, Berlin, London, Dubai, and Singapore. The company is a go-to source for worldwide conferences, seminars, webinars, and online events across a wide variety of industries and professions.

Phase 1


The client approached Blue Mail Media from their branch office located in North America. Their primary objective was to conduct email campaigns for Litigation attorneys in the United States. As they had fewer records pertaining to this segment, they found it challenging to reach the target audience and reap the desired benefit from campaigns. The client contacted us to help them reach the maximum audience with our accurate and up-to-date email list.

Solutions Phase

Blue Mail Media helped the client by building a customized list of Litigation attorneys. We retrieved the data of Litigation attorneys in the United States from our repository consisting of millions of valid records. Our team cross-verified every single data before compiling the list into the MS Excel format. Our team was able to complete this process within four business days.

Phase 2


Clients were happy with their previous experience and referred us to their other branches located in Singapore and London. This team approached us with custom list requirements for different verticals. They wanted to target top-level professionals like CEO, Vice President, Director, Account Manager, Program Manager, and more in the Technology Segment. Clients found it hard to gather details of specific technology vendors such as learning analytics, pricing, and modeling software, corporate governance solution, audit management solutions, etc. in the U.S.

Solutions Phase

Blue Mail Media helped the client by offering customer profiling services as per their target criteria. The custom list now covered details of professionals from various technology vendors specified by clients. It included company name, contact name, phone number, email address, mailing address, SIC/NAICS code, revenue, employee size, and other details.

Phase 3


After experiencing a high deliverability and response rate from our email list, the clients approached us from their research base located in UAE, Qatar, and Sydney. The client wanted us to verify their existing list of the chemical industry in the United States, and append the missing details. Also, they wanted to target other relevant sectors, including oilfield chemicals, production chemicals, upstream chemical, chemical engineering, etc. in the same geographical location.

Solutions Phase

Like every other time, Blue Mail Media was happy to help this repeated client with a more refined solution. Our team of professionals analyzed the client’s existing database to append missing details such as email address, phone number, company name, SIC/NAICS code, revenue, and more. Also, we verified every single record in the appended list to eliminate duplicates and errors. This verified and updated list of US-based chemical industry consisting of the information of Presidents, CEOs, Directors, Principals, and Managers was then delivered to the client within the stipulated time.

Final Outcome

The customized list from Blue Mail Media helped our client run a successful email campaign for the different target audiences.

  •  Clients saw an improvement in the campaign deliverability rate from 93.5% to 97.3%.
  •  The campaign response rate increased by 29% and revenue from 250% to 400%.
  •  Clients were able to meet the right professionals in the market by utilizing our custom email list every single time.
  •  Our sophisticated approach helped us gain repetitive client, which turned out to be a huge success to our team.


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