7 Simple Ways to Generate More B2B Sales Leads

Generating quality leads is one of the biggest priorities of B2B salespeople. As indicated by the 6th annual State of B2B Digital Marketing Report by DemandWave, practically 47% of organizations concur that their top concern is generating quality leads, with 32% of them saying that it’s likewise the area with the most challenge.Demandwave

Image Source: DemandWave

This shows getting potential customers for B2B firms was never a simple task. No matter how good your brand is, people won’t come to you if they are not aware of your brand. At the same time, by following the right business approaches, you can drive the significant number of sales-ready leads you dream of. With these highest-quality leads, your organization can beat the competition and grow significantly.

In this post, we will discuss more B2B sales leads and various strategies to generate more of them in a limited time.

What are B2B Sales Leads?

B2B sales leads are highly qualified business leads (people or companies) who are willing to buy your product or services. These leads begin the sales process and play a vital role in maintaining a stable sales pipeline. Qualified B2B sales leads differ from marketing leads. Marketing leads might have shown interest in your product but may not buy from you, whereas the sales leads are all set to purchase from you and are often sourced by sales representatives through prospecting.

How to Generate More B2B Sales Leads?

B2B associations can use the demonstrated methods to generate more sales leads:

1. Build a Targeted List of Business Contact

Begin by building a targeted list of B2B contacts that are interested in your offerings. With this list, you can execute personalized email campaigns and quickly get in touch with a large number of potential buyers at the right time. In fact, targeted emails are capable of generating 58% of all revenue. That’s pretty impressive!DMA

Image Source: DMA

However, not all lead databases produce great results. Some email databases contain:

  • Incorrect or outdated information
  • Contacts that don’t match your Target Company, location, or job title
  • Leads with missing contact information
  • Leads that are present in the CRM

It is impossible to generate high-quality B2B sales leads from such email lists. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse your targeted list regularly.

2. Optimize Website Landing Pages

Every landing page of your website must offer the exact solution the visitor is looking for. If a prospect is searching for any of your brand solutions, ensure they won’t land on your competitor’s page. That’s where SEO comes to play. Optimize every page to top it on the Google SERP result.

Some basic SEO strategy includes:

  • Keyword optimization on landing pages and blog posts
  • Consistently posting unique and relevant content
  • Link building operations for increasing brand awareness

This optimization should be an ongoing task and the primary concern of your website building activity.

3. Include 24/7 Live Chat on Website

Live chat is one of the best formats for real-time leads support. This feature offers several benefits and provides a higher level of satisfaction for leads that other methods fail to provide.Superoffice

Image Source: SuperOffice

There are plenty of statistics that support the importance of live chat for business. As per the Forrester report,

  • More than 41% of clients expect live chatting application on any website.
  • 44% of leads concur that settling the questions by a live person while purchasing any item is the most significant element a site should offer.
  • The business witnessed a 10% increase in the average order value because of live chats.

If you find a lot of organic traffic coming to any particular page of your website, or you notice this page is a high converter for you, integrate a live chatbot there to engage the higher number of leads quickly.

4. Generating Leads Using Marketing Automation

B2B lead generation and the nurturing process should always be automated. Automation tools will help you in the following areas:

  • Segment the email list and target them with personalized content.
  • Send several emails at scale without actually interrupting the recipients.
  • Provide better alignment between B2B marketing and sales approaches.
  • Move the details of qualified B2B prospective customers to the sales team for conversion.
  • Notify the sales representatives when any of the leads perform an intended action.

By executing the above tasks automatically, you can fill your sales pipeline with leads that you never knew you had.

5. Be a Part of Relevant Social Media Group

Participate in social media groups of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It is the right place to share your expertise and find leads. You can begin by,

  • Searching for B2B industry groups where some of the ideal customers stay active.
  • Engaging the members by asking interesting questions and respond to comments that are already posted.
  • Contributing your content or advice in the groups, and build relationships with the high-quality sales leads.

Interacting within the groups will help you reach and engage with more prospective customers.

6. Answer Queries on Quora Platform

Websites like Quora will offer a great source of sales leads for B2B companies. Quora is one of the popular knowledge-sharing platforms, where users ask questions and receive answers from industry experts. Right answers are often up-voted by other users so that it appears at the top of the page.

Since your customers are now in Quora attempting to resolve some of their issues, it serves as the best spot for sales representatives today. Help them fix the problem at the earliest, drive as many leads as you can.

Participate in Quora Q&A platform with the help of following tips:

  • Create a free account and fill in all the details in your profile
  • Mention your interests so that you receive similar queries to be answered.
  • Start by researching the questions that are relevant to your B2B brand.
  • Only answer those queries you are proficient in. However, don’t sound salesly.
  • Consider sharing the blog posts from your website to receive well-researched responses.
  • Link to a few useful articles that might answer any questions, if necessary.

Consider this platform as a rapport-building tool, and use it only to offer your solution if there’s any relevant query.

7. Get More Online Reviews and Testimonials

As per the Spiegel Research Center, 95% of the audience read online reviews before purchasing any product. Moreover, products with reviews are capable of escalating the conversion rate rapidly. A product with a five-star review has a 270% higher chance of getting sold than any product with no review.Spiegel Research Center

Image Source: Spiegel Research Center

Therefore, it’s essential to ask for user reviews as and when possible. You can either ask them post-purchase or run specific campaigns only to collect their opinions on product usage. A strong presence of customer reviews on your site will be a considerable lead driver for your B2B organization.

Since reviews are essential, don’t even try buying them from vendors. Only legitimate reviews assist you with generating leads. Dishonest reviews will definitely impact your business, if not now. So, don’t risk it.

Wrapping Up

Generating B2B sales leads requires you to understand the company goals and the steps highlighted in this article. You might have already come across some of the tactics above. However, some might be new to you. So, evaluate each of them to determine if it helps you accomplish your B2B goals in 2020.