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3 More Effective Ways to Develop Your B2B Email Lists

  • Feb 27, 2016
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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3 More Effective Ways to Develop Your B2B Email Lists

In order to run efficiently, email marketing campaigns need quality lists. While the process of growing your B2B email list seems to be quite a worrisome process, the attempt is worth trying to ensure that you are frequently adding new addresses to your mailing list. You must keep no stone unturned to effectively grow your B2B Email Lists to achieve the best possible results in your email marketing campaigns.

Here are the three most effective ways to develop your B2B Email Lists.

1. List building should be organic:

There are many creative tactics to build your list organically.For instance, you can make it easy for people to quickly sign up on all greatly trafficked pages on your website. Apart from that you must provide a link to the landing page on your site where a potential subscriber can easily sign up. You can also allot prizes or roll out a lucky draw contest to encourage email sign – ups at trade shows or at purchase.

2. Buy from Trustworthy Vendors

This is the quickest way to increase the number of B2B Email Lists you own. But be wary of this approach because certain vendors promise to offer you the best list at less price. So, choose the trustworthy vendors who provide only high-quality email addresses that are capable of magnifying the ROI almost right off the start.

3. Host a webinar or sponsor an event:

By hosting a live webinar you can also garner email addresses of potential prospects. Therefore, you must include an email list subscription as part of the registration process. Likewise, make sure to follow up with registrants by sending them a welcome email, which is a great way to start. Besides, you can also post them the slides or recordings from the webinar. If you are incapable to host a webinar, you can sponsor an event or online conference and gather email ID’s at registration.

4. Leverage a Call to action:

Every website needs a CTA. So, if you are seriously trying to grow your email list you must include a call to action (CTA) on your website. A call to action or CTA is a button or banner that recommends a user to finish a desired action. However, it should be prominently displayed on your website.


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