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3 Keys to B2B Marketing Success

  • Feb 26, 2016
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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3 Keys to B2B Marketing Success

Now there are more ways to contact and engage B2B buyers than ever before and many criterions have changed, demonstrates Hawkeye’s new B2B buyer journey research. Moreover, the research suggests that B2B marketers should concentrate on some areas for B2B marketing success. In general you must remember that B2B buyers want to identify the importance of your business solutions and how it assists in solving their business problems.

Here are three keys to B2B marketing success

1. Impact:

The research highlighted the fact that although content is important, video and interactive demonstrations have the most impact on the buyers, particularly appropriate consumer testimonials and case studies. Videos, interactive demonstrations and case studies have great importance in assisting buying decisions for B2B decision makers. B2B buyers are looking for more insight into the impact B2B products will have on their business. The study reveals that during the purchasing process B2B customers access several forms of content across different channels with various devices.

2. Integrity:

In order to show the integrity of your company and products, you must build up a social strategy that utilizes social media to impel appropriate posts, comments, ratings and analysis from your B2B customers. According to the Hawkeye’s findings the growing usage of social media amid B2B buyers is driving companies to post quality and intelligent content to influence and drive more posts from their audiences. Moreover, social media has the power to increase brand consciousness as business professionals share messages to their networks.

3. Integration:

The research suggests that buyers trust on every channel and devices to access information, moreover the top features for buying from a brand are reliable products and services and a brand’s repute, image and mission. Therefore you must assure that you converse the trustworthiness of your products and services and clearly highlight your reputation and what you stand for across all channels.

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