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4 Types of B2B Videos Your Customers Love To Watch

  • Feb 01, 2018
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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4 Types of B2B Videos Your Customers Love To Watch

Video is the megatrend of the era. And if you have videos on your B2B marketing roadmap for this year, take a pause and think before executing it.

One-size never fits all and let’s accept that video marketing is not an exception here. Different kinds of videos work differently to your customers. For instance, a video demonstrating the fun-culture of your organization will appeal better to existing clients rather than those that are unknown to your brand.

So what are the most-effective types of videos your customers, be it potential or existing, love to watch? Below is what you need to know:

Explainer Videos

From recognizing the value that your brand is providing them to initiating the purchase process; B2B buyers are typical in their buying journey. The best way to satisfy them is to assure them that you have the exact solutions for their problems.

Explainer videos are great at doing it.

Understand your targeted audience, their problems, and explain the solutions that you have for them through videos. Remember as these videos are best to generate brand awareness among new or potential clients, keep the videos short and thus easy to absorb.

Here’s how brilliantly HubSpot does it:


Nothing can be better than interacting with your audience directly, and Webinars let you do that.

A webinar is a live session wherein viewers can participate interactively – ask questions, participate in polls, and engage better than other forms of videos. It performs well for potential as well as existing clients. However, it takes a lot to execute it properly.

The webinar you are about to conduct must address directly to the needs of your B2B buyers. Focus on time-length of the webinar. Create a buzz around the webinar date and make sure that your prospects stay excited enough to be the part of it.

Product showcase videos

Videos demonstrating the features and specialties of a product, solution or service simplifies the initial stage of your customer’s buying process. Instead of reading lengthy web pages, they get an option of knowing and understanding the depth of what your brand is providing them.

Infuse the product-demo videos in the landing pages or services pages of your website. Keep these videos genuine and specific to the requirements of your targeted audience. The ideal length is around 2-3 minutes.

For example, below is our CustomPro service video:

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Testimonial Videos

More than you, your customers believe what their peers speak about your brand.

51% of buyers trust the content that is generated by users more than the information that is there on your brand’s website. So, leverage the power of user-generated content in the videos on your company website or social media.

Bring out a list of your long-termed customers or the clients with whom you have recently completed a project and interview them. Ask them to give their feedbacks and showcase those video testimonials on your website or post on various social media platforms.

Such videos not only create trust in the new viewers of your brand but also strengthen your bond with your existing clients whose testimonials you have showcased.

Use the various types of videos, focus on your customer’s pain-points, bring creativity, pay attention to timing, and turning a prospect into client will not be a difficult task anymore!

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