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Top Marketing Tactics for Reaching and Selling to CFOs

It’s true that C-level executives are tough to reach professionals, marketing and selling to these executives has always been challenging for B2B organizations worldwide. Whether it’s a small, mid or large size organization; C-level executives in every firm hold a special position, they are the decision makers, who have the purchasing authority.

However, the roles and responsibilities of C- level executives vary as per their designations like for example CEO’s or chief executive officers are responsible for supervising the operations of the organizations, CTO’s (Chief Technology Officers) on the other hand are the chief technology officers, who are responsible to conduct technological procedures with business objectives. Whereas, CFO’s or Chief Financial officers are responsible for the company’s financial position, their job is quite complex as they are responsible to analyze the long term financial goals so that the company thrives.

Thus, it is always more tough to convince the CFO’s compared to the other C-level executives, because CFO’s oversee the risk factors and are always concerned about the cost of things. But the tough job of marketing and selling to CFO’s can be made easy with the help of the below listed tactics:

Let us first discuss about how to reach these busy CFO’s and develop an interest in them about your products or services.

Direct Mail Strategy:

You should send a one page letter with precise information if you are sending a direct mail to the CFO’s, advises, Caroline Smith, Director of Marketing for CFO Magazine. Moreover, you can send high level white papers based on studies and research.

Email Strategy:

While sending emails to these executives make sure to send some useful graphic information’s that is easy to read.

Telephone Strategy:

It’s always advisable to research about the issues that the company has faced or is facing, before making a call; you can also call the executive after sending an important report.

Things to keep in mind while selling, according to professional expert Geoffrey James:

Pay more attention on cost savings: CFO’s (Chief Financial Officers) are always concerned about cost saving, so, demonstrate the economical factor of your products and services.

Keep it plain and simple:

Present your financial model in such a way so that it does not require proof based on information that’s difficult to find. The CFO’s should find your metrics familiar.

Furnish measurement and action plan:

CFO’s are interested to know that how the monetary impact of the purchase will be calculated on a constant basis, and what actions your company will take if those criteria’s are not met.

Furthermore, it’s always advisable for businesses to purchase, a precise CFO mailing list from a list provider that can enable them to target the right prospects and accomplish success in marketing campaigns.

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