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Customer Support Training Tips For Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Apr 02, 2021
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Customer Support Training Tips For Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. That is why a good B2B customer support team is very important for your business. Besides saving your business lots of money each year, they keep the current operations successful and help your business thrive by serving as references to potential customers.

Your customer service is the “face” of your company. Customer service is the latest way to promote brand growth today. After product quality, it’s your B2B customer service that helps in building customer loyalty.

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Therefore, you’d want to make sure your customer service is top-notch and helping your business not just gain customers but retain them too. Here are some tips for training your customer service team to represent your company better and build a loyal customer base.

Empower your Customer Service Team with Technology

No matter which industry your B2B business deals with, a customer support team with technical skills is an indispensable asset. By making technology a part of your customer support training, your team will be able to reach your customers quickly, and you can create a modern experience that defines your organization’s image. You can train your team to use cloud-based customer support software that is accessible across multiple devices to support your customers faster and better than ever before.

Livechat is another technology that can improve customer experience and eventually help your business build trust with the customers. As per Forrester, 41% of B2B customers expect a live chat feature on the seller’s website. It not just empowers your customers but also eases the load of your customer support team.

Test your Team’s Technical Proficiencies

In the times when more and more B2B businesses are switching from traditional technical support to omnichannel support software, you can’t afford to lose on the opportunity to serve your customers better. That said, having omnichannel support software and building a team with strong technical proficiency can really help your company boost its image and sales. Also, skill testing and training should be an ongoing affair in your business. By testing and training your team continuously, you can make sure they have the updated knowledge of the omnichannel support software when new software releases occur.

Train your B2B Customer Support to Track Tickets and Inventory to Prevent Customer Frustration

Customers hate being told to try the same solution twice. Another thing they hate is having to wait while the B2B customer service checks their customer support system against their product inventory and intelligence. As per statistics, fast resolution of issues is one of the most important factors to B2B customers.

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To prevent both the issues mentioned above, you can deploy B2B customer support software that will allow your team to quickly view inventory details in real-time so that your team doesn’t have to toggle over multiple systems and your client doesn’t face any inconvenience.

Teach your Customer Support Team to be Genuinely Helpful and Pay Close Attention to SLAs

Make sure your B2B customer service team keeps track of customers’ past issues to suggest accurate solutions instead of suggesting the same solutions over and over again that failed in the past. Acknowledging your past failures and showing genuine concern to address a client’s issue is the key to build trust with the customers and keep them coming back for more. Having customer support software will promote efficient communication and help your team manage customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Enable Collaboration in your B2B Customer Service Department

Sometimes, even the best agents can’t have the answer to every single query they receive. A customer support software will empower your agents to resolve issues faster and more efficiently and facilitate collaboration. Agents can tag fellow team members in tickets and have private conversations directly within tickets to resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

Teach your Team when to say “No.”

Attempting to satisfy all customer demands can cause issues because it sets customer expectations to an unattainable level. When failures happen due to the customers’ high expectations, it can hurt your team’s morale and cause your business to lose customers. Besides training your team to meet customer expectations, it is also important to teach your B2B customer support agents to say no when needed. It will prevent unnecessary issues down the line and keep the customer relationships transparent and honest.

Wrap Up

66% B2B customers stop buying a product or service if the customer service is poor. Bad B2B customer experience causes your business to lose customers and money and forces your company to invest in new marketing strategies because you keep looking for new customers every sales cycle. Not to mention, you lose out on a high network of B2B clients that help your business get more clients through referrals. Therefore, train your B2B customer service to be a front runner in creating an atmosphere where experience brings customers satisfaction, which in turn benefits your business in the form of loyal customers.

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