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Steal The Attention of B2B Buyers With The Master Keys!

  • Feb 27, 2018
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Steal The Attention of B2B Buyers With The Master Keys!

When it comes to selling, there is nothing you don’t try to get the attention of your B2B buyers. You hire the experts on your team, roll out the best campaigns, and you never forget to measure the outcomes of those campaigns with tech-driven metrics. You have an established social presence, and you always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

However, you miss winning their attention.

Then, to understand where you went wrong; you invest in a lot of research, do the alterations in the previous marketing strategies, and solicit.

And, again, you fail to get their attention.

The reason is – you skip to look at the deeper level. By deeper level we refer to the Data, communication, and blending techniques that are the master keys to a successful business:

1. The Data Key

To entice a customer, marketers first need to know them. Customer data helps to do it better. And when we talk about data, we mean data that is good and different.

Let’s understand more. Data can be in any form– feedback, contact records of your existing customers, details of the number of subscriptions to your newsletters, and more. It gives you insights for making your future marketing strategies better.

If this data is not clean and updated, the insights that you get will be inefficient and so the impact of your campaigns.

As per CMO, 54% of companies say their biggest challenge to data-driven marketing success is the lack of data quality and completeness.

Thus, invest in tools and technologies that can help you in building a database that is error-free. Update and verify your data as per a schedule. Before using this data for your multi-channel marketing purposes, make sure to go in compliance with the anti-spam laws of the related region.

2. The Communication Key

Here, the term communication includes:

Communication via sales call

Like the B2B marketers, B2B buyers too want attention. They want you to listen to them with patience over a sales call. They want to interact with an expert while initiating a buying process and throughout the buying journey.

So, to catch their attention, first give them attention.

Before going onto a call with a prospect, make sure that you have sufficient knowledge of the product or service you are going to talk about. If you lack in the answering him satisfactorily, you will lose his attention.

As per HubSpot, 54% of prospects want to see how the product works on the first call

Even when a prospect is tough, angry or intimidating and even when you don’t have the exact solution to his problem; listen with patience. This will give him a feeling of worthiness, and that will be helpful in stealing his attention.

Communication via content

The blogs, articles, infographics, eBooks, and all the content that is there on your company website are one of the major ways to communicate with your existing as well as potential buyers.

First, understand the pain points of your buyers. Learn more about their buying journey and then apply the outcomes to the content that you create. Focus on creating content that is informative and conveys that you are providing exactly what the prospect looks for.

3. The Blending Key

Today, B2B marketing is in an urgent need of blending– blending the B2B and B2C marketing approach. The power of IOT (Internet of Things) has changed the ways B2B buyers make their buying decisions. They have become more adaptive to emotions. And if you want to connect with them, nothing can be better than leveraging these emotions. But, as one wrong step will cost you a long-termed client, you have to do it right.

For instance, when a prospect initiates his buying process directly with you, add some personalized elements to your marketing strategy. Give him a taste of solutions to his problems before completion of the buying journey. This will again make him feel worthy and will strengthen your relationship with him.


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