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May the Data Force Be With You!

  • May 04, 2017
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
  • Category: Articles
May the Data Force Be With You

The nearly 400 years old phrase – ‘Knowledge is Power’ still remains highly relevant. In the era where data has become the new unit of life, a businessman or a marketer cannot do a thing without it. They are well aware that consumer is the only god they need to serve, and the only way to understand what the god needs is to see, understand and act on the basis of data.

In the B2B space, business enterprises and marketers can only succeed if they have the right data by their side. B2B Marketing is very different from B2C marketing in terms of target audience, the channel of communication, accessibility to customers and so on. Thus, to successfully make connections in the B2B space and explore new opportunities for revenue, it is important to be equipped with marketing database that best serves your Omni-channel or multi-channel marketing campaign requirements. Whether you wish to connect with your target prospects via telephone, email or mail, you would need reliable data of prospects to meet the purpose.

Now how will you get this data? Well if you are big enough in terms of your scale of operations, and revenues, you can certainly afford to build a data team that constantly work towards collecting customer data that best aligns to your marketing operations. But if you need the data immediately or you don’t have the resources to afford a data team, the best option would be to procure a database from a reliable marketing database vendor.

A lot of companies are very skeptical when it comes to buying a mailing database because they see it as an expense rather than an investment. However, if you are able to acquire a qualitative database and are able to use if effectively in your marketing efforts, you will realize that investing in marketing data is one of the best strategies when it comes to B2B marketing.

Not only it helps you gain a significant response rate on your marketing messages but also helps you increase your conversion rate as well as returns on investment. While buying a marketing database, marketers must practice due diligence and make sure that they don’t fall for unrealistic claims and luring offers and discounts. Even if you have to invest a little more, make sure that you buy a database which gives you reliable data of your most pertinent target customers and is highly accurate. Negotiate well with the database vendor, ask them relevant questions, and then select your database vendor.

Once you have the right data to fuel your marketing operations and the proficient team to implement your marketing strategies in the best way, you are sure to achieve newer heights in your business.

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