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How Digital Marketing Can Become a Key Propeller of B2B Real Estate Deals

  • Jun 01, 2017
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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How Digital Marketing Can Become a Key Propeller of B2B Real Estate Deals

Real Estate Marketing is a lot different in the B2C space than in the B2B model. While it is considerably easy to sell individual property units to home buyers, selling commercial spaces, industrial space and residential spaces to business organizations is a lot more challenging reasoned to the bigger size of deals and the corresponding risks involved.

See the Infographic: How Do Home Buyers Search Their Dream Homes Using the Digital Media

Other than offline promotions, here are few strategies that marketers, realtors, agents and other stakeholders may use to generate considerable demand for their offerings especially using digital media:

Keep an Eye on the Business World: Knowledge is power. Marketers must keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the market with respect to new start-ups that may need office space, mergers and acquisitions, companies planning to diversify, open new branches, and so on. Having this information will enable marketers to know who their most potential prospects are.

Feed Enough Online Content: Unless property seekers have certain connections with property agents, they would first try to find their requirements online. This is why it is important for marketers to promote their offerings on various digital platforms including their websites to gain the required visibility on the internet. They may promote brochures, 360° Videos, blogs, articles, pictures and more to spread awareness of their offerings.

Instigate Actions: Promoting online content is just not enough. Marketers must include elements in their content that instigate property seekers to subscribe, opt-in, visit, call or take any other action that initiates the buying process from their ends. Call to action buttons should be placed strategically to motivate property seekers to immediately act rather than procrastinate.

Invest Into Data: It’s high time when real estate stakeholders must invest into data-driven marketing. Many marketers consider buying B2B databases as a futile expense. What they don’t realize is how investing in Real Estate Industry database can bring them huge returns and propels their sales. Those who fail with data have probably invested into the wrong data or did not know how to drive sales using data. Realtors must source their data from reliable data vendors and never compromise on the quality of data.

Engage With Target Audience On Every Possible Platform: Other than the offline events and visits, property seekers must be constantly engaged on different online platforms such as Email, Blog, Social Media, Online Forums and more. Online marketing effectively compliments the offline marketing initiatives of marketers such as Print ads, Television ads and telemarketing.

A Word of Advice: While B2B real estate marketing is different than B2C, marketers must focus on highlighting the value that property seekers may realize buying or leasing a commercial, industrial or residential property. The human element of marketing should never be overlooked whether marketers are dealing with individuals or real estate giants.

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