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Importance of Sales and Marketing Collaboration for Lead Generation

  • Mar 01, 2016
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Importance of Sales and Marketing Collaboration for Lead Generation

In every business organization both sales and marketing teams play an equally important role to generate leads. Therefore, both the teams need to work hard together in-order to achieve a common goal. Working separately is sure to cause inconsistencies resulting in a broken lead generation process. Moreover, it can leave potential customers uninterested, who may abandon the buying process.

Always remember that both marketing and sales team work day and night to attract leads, if no sales get closed that indicates they have failed to collaborate, this is also sure to increase the frustration level of the management.

According to several marketing experts, there are some common areas where the two lack coordination. These are.

1. Client communication strategy, particularly regarding proper suggestions and timings.

2. Shared resources, like data and a distinct point in which a lead is considered to be “sales-ready”, or should be shifted from marketing to sales department.

Generally it is noted that clients hate to deal with sales team any earlier than it is actually required. However, they tend to get annoyed even more when the marketing team’s tone sounds very much like a sales pitch. The DemandGen’s 2012 Content Preferences Survey reveals that 75% of the respondent opined that B2B marketers were too careless with the sales messaging in their content.

It is always advisable to keep your customers happy and satisfied because if you annoy them, they are less probable to purchase something from you. Therefore the lead generation procedure must be adjusted according to the client’s preferences. Moreover, they should feel like it is a continuous process even if they have to deal with two separate groups of people.

Misalignment between the two teams generally leads to unsatisfied customers. Misalignment between the two teams can be very easily detected with one simple cause that is poor communication. So, it is quite necessary for both the teams to communicate properly and understand the experience of their adjoining team, without knowing this they will surely fail to understand the experience of the customers.

Furthermore, by combining sales and marketing efforts solutions can be easily found. So, in order to bridge the gap and cultivate mutual understanding, both the team members should occasionally meet and accompany each other during their daily activities.This is sure to make their bonding strong and of course proves out to be beneficial for the company.

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