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5 Ways to Assist With Onboarding More Clients for Your Marketing Agencies

  • Feb 24, 2023
  • Posted By: Wes Lemos
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While marketing agencies play an indispensable role in amplifying their clients’ campaigns, they often need more time to onboard new clients. This is often due to questions regarding the ideal marketing strategies.

Fortunately, many core methods to attract clients lie at the crux of standard marketing practices.

Referrals are among the most popular methods since they do not require dedicated outreach efforts. However, referrals can only be provided through new clients. Hence, the cycle continues.

If you want to break free from the cycle and increase brand awareness among influential B2B buyers, read on to understand how marketing agencies get clients!

Leverage your Expertise to Provide Valuable Resources

In the sea of marketing agencies present in the market, how can a client be sure that your services and expertise stand out from the crowd?

The solution is simple – content marketing. Use your detailed insights into the world of marketing to publish valuable and relevant content in the form of blogs, infographics, newsletters, and videos.

Publishing this content has a two-pronged effect.

  • Prospects looking for details regarding a specific marketing element will be redirected to your website and gain familiarity with your services.
  • You can ask for contact information like email addresses to acquire voluntary details and send them targeted marketing campaigns.

Remember to create blogs and other writeups with adherence to SEO keyword density to attract the maximum traffic. Once you showcase that your agency is well-versed in the nuances of marketing, chances are that you will receive more organic traffic from users looking to engage.

Seek Industrial Collaborations

Mutually beneficial collaborations or co-brandings significantly impact the revenue of both companies. For one, they drive a larger audience to your respective website and ease your transition into new markets.

Industrial collaborations are more effective with an established product or service-based company. Using a mix of podcasts, content creation and other resources, you can collaborate with other brands to address a particular issue plaguing your respective industries.

You can discuss these issues from an expert standpoint to assure users of your proficiency as a marketing agency. Alternatively, you can pool your resources to achieve a common goal. Hook the audience to a creative storytelling process and witness as you improve brand visibility among different segments.

Partnerships with established companies also act as a testament to the reliability of your organization.

Showcase Case Studies of Successful Projects

The most significant reason that online reviews are one of the most trusted sources of judging brands is that users appreciate and respect the opinions of folks like themselves. Essentially, they expect your marketing agency to be endorsed by clients to better empathize with your services.

Unsurprisingly, 54% of buyers look for case studies before deciding.

Publishing case studies that highlight your client diversity assist you in proving the effectiveness of your agency in solving problems. Additionally, they supplement your reputation of delivering tangible and favorable results.

Consider the example of Fractl, a content marketing agency partnered up with a home improvement marketplace, Porch. The title of this case study stands out with a specific figure to enthrall users and assure them of the effectiveness of Fractl, which helped Porch acquire the desired results.

The company creates a dedicated space to showcase the campaign results. Mentioning raw figures helps users quantify the impact of their marketing strategies and assures them of similar results when they partner up with the firm.

It also highlights the performance of the campaigns through graphs and analytics for ease of viewing and understanding. By the end of the case study, Fractl is confident that the prospects browsing through their content will be curious to engage. Hence, they include a call-to-action button with an internal link at the end, saving users the hassle of scanning through the website.

Nurture Existing Clientele

Marketing is a continuous process that aims to attract a growing number of businesses in the market. While an organization may not require marketing services continuously, it might have an idea to periodically use a market agency’s insights to boost its visibility.

However, the chances of them contacting your firm are low if you do not practice lead nurturing.

Stay on top of building visibility with periodic, targeted messages directed to your existing clients. It could be anything from updating them about your new services or encouraging them to engage with you for better results.

Data-Driven Awareness

In the end, you can always rely on traditional personalized marketing methods, using a dedicated mailing or email database to drive your marketing campaigns. Acquiring reliable data will help you filter out your prospects and assist in identifying users looking to accentuate their marketing efforts.

With this information in hand, targeted efforts make reaching users on their preferred channel easier. Once you generate awareness about the strength of your services, you can lure them to your website by advertising several resources targeting the fundamentals of marketing.

Communicating your value to prospects is a reliable way to gain clients without spending on paid advertisements or promotions. Coincidentally, boasting a distinctive value proposition is the most straightforward answer to the common question – how do market agencies get clients?

Final Thoughts

No doubt about it – several marketing agencies are vying to attract the business of organizations in the densely populated B2B space. The ideas and creativity cultivated in your outreach efforts are the sole deciders of whether your marketing agency will stand out and appeal to the decision-makers.

Think of it as offering your company’s resume to businesses. At most, they will glance over it for ten to fifteen seconds before moving on to the next candidate. Hence, you must infuse it with a dash of personalization to convince the reader to engage with you.

So, to answer the question: How to get clients for advertising agencies?

Deliver value with tools like case studies and content marketing to amplify your integrity and reliability as a marketing agency. Combine these tools with data-based analysis to acquire a comprehensive look into prospects and onboard them as a client with dedicated marketing efforts!

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