Why Health Care Businesses Should Do Email Marketing

In today’s digitally dominated marketing space, establishing a strong base for any business is indeed tricky. The Healthcare industry is no less when it comes to taking up the challenges and plunging into every opportunity on the way. To support growth plans, healthcare organizations embrace various approaches to which email marketing is considered to be of proven value.

Email Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Digital marketing techniques aid healthcare marketers in building greater bonds with the audience. However, email marketing, in particular, provides a foundation for the overall strategies. By offering a direct line of communication to the existing patients, it is easy to reach out to them anytime or from any place.

Moreover, a large percentage of American adults rely on email for communications. It is considered to be an effective way to keep patients informed and engaged. To prove the worthiness of email marketing in the healthcare industry, MailChimp scans millions of emails delivered by its system.

It figures out the unique click rates, open rates, bounces, and spam complaint rate in this specific segment. The resultant table is as below:MailChimp

Image Source: MailChimp

These numbers convey a clear message – Email is valuable for any healthcare facility. Using email as a marketing tactic, healthcare marketers can stay in touch with the prospects, promote products or services, and send appointment reminders, amongst others.

Healthcare Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective strategies because of the following reasons:

1. Email Marketing is a No-Brainer for Healthcare Facility

Email marketing does not require any outstanding expertise or awareness. Almost everyone knows how to write and send emails. Beginning with the monthly or weekly newsletter, it is way simpler than any other marketing approach. You just need an accurate and reliable healthcare email list for your business, and you are good to go!

You can simply utilize various downloadable templates to improvise the look and feel of your email. And, when this template is combined with the exciting content, it will undoubtedly engage the audience the way you desire. Besides, you can hire any professional to help you with the content curation, if in case you find it hard.

Initially, setting up or running your campaign might sound a bit daunting. However, with the subsequent campaigns, you will get faster and run email campaigns in hours. Including you and others who are reading this article is capable of running successful email campaign.

2. Email Marketing Saves a Lot of Money

The cost of setting up an email campaign is significantly lower than print marketing or other high commissioned promotional activity. And that’s a massive advantage for healthcare businesses in particular.

The initial or the ongoing healthcare email marketing costs can be broken down as follows:

  • Buying of template or developing your own
  • Email list creation and implementation
  • Email marketing software subscription
  • Training on various email marketing tools
  • Email campaign setup and delivery
  • Creative content development for emails

There are some third-party vendors or partners who will help you out in setting up the above tasks. And with a little training, you can easily take care of other aspects cutting down costs even more.

3. Email Marketing Helps You Let the Words out Quickly

The great thing about email marketing strategy is that when you hit the send button, your subscribers receive your message within minutes. So quick, isn’t it? No more waiting for letters to arrive in the letterbox, and predominantly the rewards come faster. You can spread the brand message in no time.

Brand awareness is the key to healthcare success. If people are not aware of your healthcare services, you may have to struggle to even survive in a highly competitive market space. Therefore, investing in email marketing is the best way to enhance your brand worth.

Moreover, emails let you connect with the global audience, alongside local prospects. You can quickly target customers situated in any corner of the world and grow your healthcare business.

4. Email Marketing Builds Stronger Bond with Patients

Email your patients with all your heart! By offering the real value in every message, you can attract their attention and build a stronger bond. With relevant and personalized content, you can establish one-to-one contact and win the patient’s trust. Translating these trust into deals is way easier using email marketing strategies.

Besides, healthcare marketers can integrate advanced tools and applications, like AI, to analyze patient behavior like never before. They can predict and shape the patient’s next move and put together unique, tailored email campaigns. This approach will help you form an even stronger bond between your healthcare organization and the customer.

5. Email Marketing Drives Significant Conversion and Revenue

Emails are more effective in fetching new customers than any other marketing channel. Right from generating leads to reaping higher revenue, it shows significant results in a short span. In fact, the median email marketing return on investment is 122%, as per the eMarketer research report. That is four times higher than any other promotional approach! Yes, you heard it right.

Neil PatelImage Source: Neil Patel

Likewise, the above stats from Neil Patel shows that the general ROI from email marketing is noteworthy.

Revenue is not the only important aspect of email marketing that healthcare professionals should be happy about. Email marketing is also a successful method for helping healthcare facilities improve the number of conversions.

With email marketing, you can nurture leads and move them through the sales funnel. You can stay in contact with the patients while delivering them the right information and encouragement required to make a purchase decision.

6. Email Marketing is Easily Measurable

Measuring the impact of email isn’t challenging. It’s a lot easier than other alternatives. Healthcare industries can quickly track the number of people opening the emails, clicking on the links in the given message, or unsubscribing the list. You can gain this information for every single email you ever send out.

A lot of email marketing software helps you in tracking the performance of campaigns. For instance, A/B testing reveals a great wealth of data about your email list subscribers, such as:

  • Do they respond better to subject lines such as “free” or “10% off
  • Are they more open to an introduction about your healthcare facility and what to expect in your email
  • Do they like emails with images or no images, and many more.

All these email elements can be tested, measured, and improved upon.

Putting It All Together

Email is not just here to stay. It is also getting more robust with each passing day. Therefore, make it a part of your overall healthcare marketing procedures. Use emails to interact with patients on a personal level, generate high-quality leads, and nurture past patients. Build long-term relationships to generate repeat business and grow your revenue over time.