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Email Marketing Benchmarks By Industry Type [Infographic]

  • Oct 11, 2022
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Email marketing campaigns are a crucial element of all B2B sales strategies. However, there are nuances to these advertising tools.

For instance, North American Banking and Fintech organizations are particularly receptive to event-triggered emails that capture a lead’s journey. In this case, conversion rates are 13x better, with prospects being 3x more likely to follow through with click-to-open CTAs.

With half of 2022 over, it’s essential to understand some of the established email marketing benchmarks by industry type. Doing so would allow you to curate your emails in a manner that appeals to the sector you wish to target. Moreover, such an examination would enable an objective analysis of your current lead generation and prospecting attempts.

This infographic covers several specific details regarding the performance of email marketing pitches . There’s also an examination of the interaction between 4 prominent industries and B2B email marketing campaigns. Consequently, you can identify and eliminate redundancies in your existing promotional strategies by studying the findings.


Infographic Content

What are the primary types of emails employed in B2B marketing campaigns?

  • Event-triggered emails that leverage a recent accomplishment by the prospect
  • Journey-based emails that trace customer success stories
  • Broadcast emails that target a broad group of potential leads

What is the one factor that improves response rates in B2B email pitches?

The highest response rates come from personalized emails that:

  • Address lead-specific issues and pain points
  • Elaborate on relevant customer success stories
  • Curate their content according to individual prospects

Studies show that click-through rates (CTR) experience a 10x improvement when B2B marketers address topical issues alongside prospect behavior.

What do B2B marketers prioritize in their email strategies?

A HubSpot report states that:

  • 2% of B2B advertisers believe providing tangible value is the quickest way to improve CTR
  • 5% state that effective opening or subject lines are more important than anything else
  • 6% of advertisers focus on mobile optimization for emails
  • 6% emphasize the need to include clearly defined Call-To-Action (CTA) statements

2022 email marketing benchmarks for four prominent sectors

1. Media & Communications

  • Most Media & Communication organizations prefer intelligent journey-based emails to broadcast messages
  • North American corporations and Middle-East & South-African organizations demonstrate a 4x and 10x improved CTR with such types of emails, respectively
  • The Communication sector also displays the highest bounce rates when it comes to B2B emails, sitting at 6.54%

2. Government Agencies & Services

  • Government-backed institutions are most likely to browse cold emails, with an open rate of 43.7%
  • These organizations are also much more inclined to stay subscribed to emailing lists, with only 15% of them unsubscribing from such channels

3. Manufacturing & Logistics

  • The average CTR for General Manufacturing & Logistics companies is 10%
  • Organizations in this sector also hold the lowest open rate across all industry types, sitting at just 49%

 4. Healthcare


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