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Decoding Marketing Attribution [Infographic]

  • Nov 09, 2016
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Decoding Marketing Attribution

  • Not more than 54% of businesses invest in attribution
  • Among those who do, 28% rely on click through

How Will The Marketer Benefit?

  • 58% organizations focus on revamping media mix
  • 66% focus on the prospecting by establishing an understanding
  • 70% of the attribution justifies marketing expenditure

Nevertheless, When Attribution Is Prioritized:

89% of those who rely on attribution vouched for its efficiency on businesses

The challenges

Technological obstacles and insufficient knowledge

Why Companies Shy Away From Attribution?

  • 32% major corporations grapple with tech effectuation, against 14% micro business
  • However, 29% organizations acknowledge that the results of attribution are significant
  • Ace marketers attest that every new trail is channeling crowd interest in attribution.
  • 43% through social channels
  • 49% through people to people

The Sorting Of Attribution Depends On The Right Formula

  • 38% of attribution is a manual process
  • 44% of the decision makers use first click archetype
  • However, 58% do not believe in perfect attribution.

The Typical Obstacles

Use of heterogeneous tools, data elucidation, and boardroom politics

  • 28% think that boardroom politics will hamper the attribution potential
  • 38% cited the gap widens with the scarcity of analyst to interpret data.
  • 60% consider that heterogeneous technology and myriad data source as a chief contributor the for loss of attribution.

The Internet Is Just Part Of A Grand Game Plan

  • Only a third of all the businesses rely on offline touch points as a contributor to attribution model.
  • Organizations that assimilate offline touchpoints are likely to benefit up to 54%.

Flexibility Is The Complementing Factor For Exemplary Attribution

  • Not more than 31% marketers proclaim flexibility in their system.
  • Up to 43% disagree with the 31% of marketers who believe in the potential of flexibility.
  • It includes 51 % of large corporations with a Revenue generation capability of over US$ 70 million.

Five Resourceful Tactics To Improve Marketing Attribution:

  • Untangling technological gridlocks
  • Stocking resources to unlock the complete potential of the analytics platform
  • Deviating from single click model and adopting a comprehensive measurement system
  • Consolidating online and offline data to streamline measurement
  • Auditing structural performances within the organization to avoid formation of gridlocks that hinder innovation

•    Making room for opportunities by doing away with predictive analysis and adopting prescriptive analysis

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