Everything You Need To Know About The Canada’s Anti Spam Law Update

The new update of the Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) was made effective from July 1, 2014. It is mainly enforced to keep in check all electronic mail distribution to Canadians and ensure relevancy with the modern standards. The CASL is a modern legislation indented to enforce a sound level of compliance and stricter penalties. Its outreach is beyond the traditional US CAN-SPAM Act making it more versatile and binding over many other aspects apart from the electronic mail platform. It is heavy handed on violators who do not comply with the rules.

NOTE: This analysis is not a legal document, but rather an educational resource that attempts to clarify the updated CASL policy.

  • It Covers More Than Just Emails
  • Consent Counts
  • The CASL also permits implied consent where:
    • The sender has established a credible relationship with the recipient.
    • A recipient who has made initiated   communication within the last six months
    • The recipient has voluntarily approved being contacted through email by the sender
  • Grace Period And Range Of Sanctions



    Samuel Joseph, Sales Head