How Email Marketing Helps Manufacturing Companies

Email is an effective way to reach prospective customers in today’s digitalized world. However, several industries either ignore this strategy altogether or rely on blast-emails for promotional purposes. As most of their purchases are multifaceted with long sales cycles and involves numerous decision-makers, the industry experts overlook the importance of well-planned email campaigns.

Even established manufacturing companies struggle to reap the desired benefit out of email marketing strategies. The open and click rates shown below reflect the lack of alignment among marketers in this industry.

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Among other reasons, the overly pushy and loud email marketing tactics of the manufacturing industry has resulted in this low performance. However, one can still inverse the outcome with the best email marketing plan. A right email marketing will undoubtedly help the manufacturers in displaying the products and services to the customers, distributors, and potential clients.

We have listed five such tips for manufacturing companies to build effective email marketing strategies.

1. Understand your Target Audience

The manufacturing marketing team is often under duress. They are inundated with information about cloud connectors, revenue performance management, digital body language, and many more. However, they fail to understand the fundamental of their marketing foundation.

One of the finest ways to view the fundamentals is to learn the importance of the target audience, their interests, behavioral pattern, and demographics. Distinguishing an intended interest group will let you center around whom your business will serve and the significance of your merchandise for those prospective customers.

Determining this information will help you build the right email marketing strategy and keep the target audience at a manageable level.

2. Build an Email List

Cold emailing the people will never benefit your manufacturing firm. You may risk your business as people mark your email as spam, and you may soon be out of this manufacturing market. If you wish to be a successful manufacturer, start building your in-house subscriber list or purchase it from a reliable vendor.

If in case, any prospective client is not responding, move on rather than blasting them with the massive collection of emails. The basic method to create manufacturing marketing database includes:

  • Collect email addresses with sign up forms and advertisements.
  • Use popups with offers to make your subscription form more prominent.
  • Ask for email addresses post-purchase.
  • Create incredible email content and ask people to share it with their friends and family.
  • Host manufacturing conferences and bring your survey forms.
  • Partner with different specialists in your segment.

3. Send Personalized Messages

You are not the only one emailing your target audience. They will receive dozens of emails every day, so it is essential to ensure that your messages stands out from others. The simplest way to perform this is to personalize your emails for your subscribers.

Since you have already built an email list from scratch, segmenting them into various types based on location, gender, age, lifestyle, revenue, and other aspects does not consume much of your marketing efforts.

Some tips for email personalization are stated below:

  • Customized subject line with the recipient’s name.
  • Celebratory emails for birthdays, marriage anniversaries, and other special days.
  • Offer only those content that interests them and helps them move further in the sales funnel.
  • Let all your offer be customized based on a person’s buying behavior.

4. Use Story Telling Tactics

It’s time to transform your boring content into a charming story. By telling a story in your email, you are more likely to get a positive response because your audience will connect with you on an emotional level. With this approach, you are increasing the likelihood of viewers clicking through the links and turning them into a successful lead.

However, make sure your marketing story is well-written and does not create any ambiguity. Here are some of such tips to help you out:

  • Discover the different media to tell your stories, such as articles, movies, blog posts, novels, video presentations, and more.
  • Be honest with your story. It is important to speak the truth.
  • Work on your storyline based on the audience’s interest.
  • Reflect core human values through your brand story.

5. Embrace Automation Tools

You can speed up the email marketing process by utilizing the right automation software. Platforms such as MailChimp and HubSpot will let you automate the entire procedure without having to invest all your time. It can automatically send emails to prospects who have already subscribed to your newsletter and thank them for their trust.

Besides, analyzing and tracking the performance of an email campaign is essential. Using the analysis tools and reports, one can check and optimize the opens, clicks, traffic, and sales.


With the five simple steps mentioned above, you can run an efficient and effective email campaign without investing any additional effort or budget. With these strategies, you can improve your chances of building a loyal client base and convert them into purchasing customers.