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How Automated Campaigns Can Turn Your New Clients into Regulars

  • Feb 27, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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How Automated Campaigns Can Turn Your New Clients into Regulars

Do you spend most of your time and money to attract new customers? Well and good. But do you also focus your attention on those who have already exhibited an interest in your brand? If not, this article is curated specially for you.

As an experienced marketer, I would say keeping the customers you already have is cost-effective than finding new ones. A research report by Harvard Business Review supports this statement too. According to this study, acquiring a new customer is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

The bottom line is – loyal relationships transform into cost savings.

This article highlights a few automated campaigns that will help you turn your existing customers into regulars.

1. Greeting with a Heart-Warming Note

I believe that first impressions are crucial for any business. Hence, as a marketer, ensure that your first interaction with new customers sets you up for a rewarding future. Marketing automation tools help you do just that.

That is when a website visitor signs up for your newsletter or purchases from your store (be it online or offline), use an automation tool to send them a welcome email without a miss. The sole purpose of this email should be:

  • To welcome them to your email list
  • Introduce them to your brand/products/services
  • Appreciate or thank them for their interest
  • Show them your latest or best-selling products
  • Share a download link to any relevant document
  • Offer promo codes for their next purchase

This approach will instill interest in the minds of the customers. If you did not know, welcome automation earns, on average, 310% more revenue than regular promotional messages.

2. Sending Relevant & Personalized Emails

Do you keep sending transactional emails such as confirmations, receipts, invoices, and other to your customers? But did you ever think of personalizing it to match the look and feel of your brand? The marketing automation tool serves you the best in this area.

The sophisticated AI-based personalization tools –

  • Gather the existing data
  • Segments it into multiple sections
  • Creates a more personalized campaign

All in all, it develops intelligent predictions so marketers can create highly individualized experiences in the email.

Here’s an example of a trigger-based automated email from Black Milk Clothing.

sending relevant and personalization

Image Source: Black Milk Clothing

The company sends out an email when a customer abandons their shopping cart with one or more items in it. They utilize cute pictures to persuade the user.

3. Organizing Customer Loyalty Programs

Customers are the heroes of your brand story. Hence thanking them for their loyalty helps your business in the long run. Use automation tools to recognize the best customers and delight them with exclusive promo codes, offers, or coupons. It’s a simple and proven way to make your loyal customers feel treasured and keep them coming back to you.

Headstart Shop thanks the customers for being a part of their family. Users are given free 200 points for their next purchase and they can also avail additional points by referring friends, shopping, and taking action on their social media pages.

customer loyalty program

Image Source: Headstart

4. Remembering Customer’s Special Days

Make your customers happy by offering a great deal on their birthday, anniversaries, or any significant occasions. According to Experian data, birthday emails are a great investment for any firm. Compared to other messages, these special emails have:

  • 179% higher unique click rates
  • 481% higher conversion rates
  • 342% higher revenue per message

These numbers are hard to ignore. But how to implement this strategy to reap a similar result? Automation tools simplify the various degrees of complexity associated with this task. It reminds you of the customer’s special days and also let them know how you value them even after a purchase.

You can either automate one exclusive email to each customer on their special day or multiple messages in the form of series. I recommend sending a series of two or three such emails as it is much more effective in terms of conversion.

  • The first email should be sent a couple of days or weeks ahead of the occasion, promoting any exclusive offer to use within a specific period.
  • The second email must be sent on a special day with warm wishes and a gentle reminder to encourage sales.
  • The third email can be sent 24 hours before the end of the offer. This message serves as the last reminder if a recipient doesn’t respond to your previous email.

5. Offering Enjoyable Customer Service

Providing customers with an enjoyable and unique shopping experience plays a vital role in business success. So make sure to put your customer first, with several innovative and exciting means to serve them quickly, and endorse a culture that values loyal buyers.

You can use reviews and feedback forms to analyze your performance, respond to their queries as quickly as possible, and go the extra mile to deliver a personalized service.

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” ~ Jeff Bezos

Automating customer service generates opportunities to reduce the human-to-human touchpoint when agents are either busy or unnecessary. Several ways in which one can embrace customer service automation includes:

  • Preloaded email replies and recorded responses

Offering enjoyable customer service

Image Source: Groove

  • Live chat and chatbots
  • Customer self-service portals and knowledge bases
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools

As a marketer, it’s not enough to promote the product or offers associated with it. These days, you also have to provide an excellent experience.

To Sum It Up

Intelligent and automated marketing tools help you stay ahead of your schedule by finding the best ways to utilize time while handling redundant tasks by itself. As this tool comes with multiple advantages, the marketer needs to consider it before composing a promotional message or broadcasting it to all the customers.

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