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The Perfect 8 B2B Marketing Podcasts to Learn Something New

  • Feb 24, 2023
  • Posted By: Wes Lemos
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While technological advancements have benefitted the B2B landscape by creating new channels to target prospects, they have also contributed to the hecticness of daily life. If the recent reports are to be believed, working professionals in the US only get an average of 292 minutes per day for leisure.

You do not want to spend this limited time reading about B2B marketing.

Fortunately, the emergence of B2B marketing podcasts has enabled you to listen to expert insights from the B2B marketing world without interrupting your daily schedule. Whether you are working out or completing chores, podcasts ensure you comprehensively understand the topic without compromising your schedule.

While popular platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify comprise multiple podcasts, the best B2B marketing podcasts change up formats, switching between solo, interview-based and panel podcasting. This infographic enlightens you about eight of the top B2B marketing podcasts in the industry.

top B2B marketing podcasts

The Top 8 Podcasts to Familiarize you with B2B Marketing Intricacies

The expansive world of B2B marketing cannot be grasped merely by reading through multiple sources. Listening to the experience of industry professionals is just as valuable.

Granted, it is impossible for accomplished professionals to make time for every query about their role. However, they make up for it by interviewing with B2B marketing podcasts comprising a vast and active audience.

However, all podcasts are not equally impactful. Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of the top 8 podcasts to satisfy your curiosity about the B2B market!

1. Radically Transparent

  • Hosted by Jennifer Gutman, with a new episode every week
  • Emphasizes discussing the modern B2B marketing landscape
  • Invites notable marketing and sales leaders from organizations worldwide
  • Provides insights into behind-the-scenes problems of B2B Marketing
  • Encourages guests to share unfiltered instances of their experiences

2. Behind the Post

  • Bi-monthly podcast with an actionable host – Olivia Messina
  • Focuses on the efforts behind every social post aimed at increasing visibility and engagement
  • Different guests in every episode provide a comprehensive look into specific facets of social media posts
  • Each episode offers unique tips and tricks to amplify social reach

3. Marketing Spark

  • Short, 30-minute episodes with host Mark Evans
  • Targets different segments of B2B marketing in every episode, from building brands to driving growth
  • Unique interviewing style to acquire extensive marketing insights from B2B SaaS entrepreneurs and marketers

4. The Customer Engagement Lab

  • Hosted by Travis Tyler and PandaDoc with an emphasis on garnering client engagement
  • Humorous observations and analogies to keep you interested throughout the podcast
  • Focuses on improving the collaboration between the marketing and sales teams
  • Varied interview styles, including round-table conferences and TikTok reaction segments

5. Noah Kagan Presents

  • Hosted by Noah Kagan, CEO at AppSumo
  • Strategies and tips to start and grow your business
  • Key insights about marketing, entrepreneurship, and more
  • Interviews the most interesting business leaders like the CEO, CMOs, and more

6. B2B Better

  • Substitutes the discussions of B2B insights to talk about current problems in the B2B marketing and sales
  • Invites B2B professionals every week to share their views on redundant marketing and sales strategies in their organizations
  • Encourages users to think about the discussed problems

7. The Marketer’s Journey

  • Hosted by Randy Frisch, Co-Founder at Uberflip
  • Features amazing conversations with marketing leaders who share how to attract and convert leads.
  • Motivates senior marketers to share experiences about their success in their past and current role
  • Discover how senior marketers engage with their current and future customers

8. Marketing over coffee

  • Hosted by Christopher Penn, Chief Data Scientist and John J. Wall, partner at Trust Insights
  • Discusses trending b2b marketing and technology topics
  • Interviews well-known business leaders from around the world
  • Practical tips to implement marketing technologies to improve your revenue growth
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