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7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Preferred Over Social Media

  • Feb 26, 2021
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Preferred Over Social Media

Given the dominance of social media marketing, sending traditional emails may seem like an outdated marketing strategy. This couldn’t be further from the truth! For attracting new customers and retaining older ones, email marketing is more powerful than ever.

Emails are 40 times more effective than social media to gain new customers, which shows that your business can benefit a lot from email marketing.

Even with new technologies emerging every day, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness, generate leads, make sales and increase conversions. Overlook email as part of your marketing strategy, and you miss out on a ton of potential business opportunities.

The benefits don’t end here. We have plenty of other reasons to prove why email marketing is better and more effective than social media and why it should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy.

1. Numbers favor email marketing

Numbers speak louder than words, so when we compare social media and email marketing statistically, email marketing emerges as the clear winner.

There are 4.57 billion internet users worldwide, 50% of them are social media users, but nearly all of them have email accounts.

The median ROI for email is 122%, which is four times higher than the ROI offered by social media. In other words, for every dollar you shell out on email marketing, you get an ROI of about $40.

Email ROI

Source: MarketingInsiderGroup

It’s email marketing, which has more numbers on its side when it comes to preferred channels for promos.

60% of users make buying decisions after receiving promotional emails, and 20% of users click on the buy link on social media after seeing a post.

The above statistics comparing the two marketing channels are great, but here are some undeniable facts:

  • You cannot create a social media account without an email ID.
  • Even social media uses your emails to notify you when some activity takes place on their medium.

Would you still consider email marketing outdated and dead?

2. Email directly reaches your audience

We understand many of you won’t agree with us on this, but here’s the thing. Firstly, a lot of people still don’t use social media.

Secondly, when you post something on social media, your followers have to scroll down their feed to notice it. And with all the recent social media algorithms, the organic reach of posts has drastically crashed. As a result of which, brands often find their posts disappearing into the abyss.

View Rate

Source: Sendlane

Our good old friend, email, on the other hand, directly reaches customers inboxes.

3. With Email Marketing, you have a chance to gain customers trust

When you send email to your customers, it remains in their mailbox – waiting for their attention in their private space. Whereas, when you post something on social media, they may or may not see it, and with so many people and brands posting every day, your post just vanishes from people’s feed after some time.

With emails, you can ensure that your recipients are reading your posts. All you have to do is send them content worth reading.

The better content you provide, the more your subscribers start looking forward to your emails. In other words, if you can gain your subscribers’ trust, you get their undivided attention.

4. With Email List Segmentation, You Can Deliver Personalized Messages

This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of email marketing. By simply segmenting your email list, you can deliver highly relevant content to your subscribers based on their behavior and preferences.

Organic social media posts, on the other hand, address everybody in more general terms, and personalization requires a lot more money and effort.

5. Emails are more effective when it comes to conversions

Statistics prove that email gives you a better conversion rate.

The average CTR of email marketing was found to be a whopping 7%; on the other hand, the average CTR from a tweet is just 1.59%.

This means if you are using email marketing, you are more likely to get someone to click-through to your website via email. What’s more exciting is that the click-through-rates of emails can be improved even further by using email marketing tips.

6. Email is considered a more professional channel for business communications

Most people use social media for connecting with family and friends and spending their leisure time. Email marketing, on the other hand, is a much more professional channel, which is used mostly for marketing and promotional activities.

A report found that 72% of customers wish to receive promotional messages via emails, as compared to 17% of customers who chose social media for such communications.

Email to Send Promotional Content

Source: Salesforce

7. Email Marketing Is Not Going Anywhere

Remember Vine? It was once a very popular social networking site, but in 2016, Twitter decided to discontinue it. If that could happen to Vine, it could happen to any social media platform. Imagine working so hard on building an audience and losing it one day. Painful, isn’t it?

Email, on the other hand, is more reliable as it has a long history of stability and is still going strong. It’s just that the techniques and marketing approaches in email marketing are evolving, making it better than ever before.


With the growing popularity of social media, it can be tempting to jump on the social media bandwagon. But with ever-changing algorithms and the uncertainty surrounding social media platforms, relying entirely on social media channels can prove to be a bad move. Instead, a good approach would be to use social media to drive visitors to your website and use email marketing to build relationships with your subscribers and achieve the high ROI it offers

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