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7 Quick Ways to Promote Your Small Business

  • Sep 25, 2019
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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You may not have sufficient resources or capital in the early stages of your small business, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any effective ways to get your brand out there in the market. There are several opportunities on the web. One just needs to know how and where to look. Email marketing is one of those strategies. Small businesses can gain a lot from email marketing, yet many of them still ignore it, losing many opportunities.

To help you out in this area, we have listed some of the most realistic and quickest email marketing tactics to promote your small business.

7 Quick Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Infographic Content:

Are you looking for ways to stretch your small business? Here are seven different ways one can use to promote the business via email marketing that won’t cost a dime.

1. Start a Website

  • Use a website to increase email subscribers
  • Include relevant content in your website
  • Keep it simple and easy-to-understand

35% of small business believe they are simply too small to own a website.

2. Get Email Addresses

  • Add signup form in your website
  • Explain what users receive by subscribing
  • Offer exciting incentives for every signup

The landing pages have the best signup rate of 23%.

3. Send Personalized Emails

  • Spend some time to customize the messages
  • Greet subscribers by their names
  • Avoid using too many generic terms

82% of marketers saw an increase in open rates through email personalization.

4. Maintain Consistency

  • Follow a simple email schedule
  • Stick to the plan unfailingly
  • Offer value in every email

61% of subscribers prefer receiving at least 1 promotional email in a month.

5. Optimize Messages

  • Make your email mobile-friendly
  • Use a responsive email template
  • Test every element before sending

Emails displaying incorrectly on mobile devices may be deleted within 3 seconds.

6. Embed Social Media

  • Use social media to grow the email list
  • Add social media buttons in a newsletter
  • Allow users to share your content

Social media buttons in email messages can increase click-through rates by 150%.

 7. Perform A/B Testing

  • Test email subject line and content
  • Inspect every link and images used
  • Identify the right time to message

39% of companies do not test their broadcast or segmented emails.


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