Using ‘Mind Maps’ in Marketing

An average brain produces about 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts everyday depending upon how deep thinker you are. And in the hour of need, many of these random yet significant thoughts do not appear to help. This is why, ‘Mind Maps’ can be of significant help in arranging these thoughts in a logical manner and help you understand a problem from different dimensions. If you are not aware of what mind maps are, mind maps are the diagrammatic representation of random thoughts, ideas, related concepts and keywords around a central concept. It was Tony Buzan who popularized the concept of Mind Mapping in the 70s, earlier used by Leonardo da Vinci and other prominent people.

Mind mapping can be used in several disciplines including science, mathematics, commerce, history, and more. If you are designing a marketing strategy or facing a business challenge, you cannot draw conclusions or make right decisions by just considering a few factors. With the help of mind maps, you can dig deep into the roots of a problem and figure out all the possible solutions. Mind map can be a great tool in chalking out marketing strategies, problem solving and producing excellent marketing content.

It gives our brains freedom to spread out across all directions and create visual representation of all elements connected to a central problem. This also helps in doing a systematic SWOT analysis of the problem and in understanding the deviations that may come across in implementing a particular solution or strategy.

See the Bigger Picture

Mind mapping helps us see multiple dimensions of a concept. It can be used not only in strategy building and problem solving, but also in content creation. Content marketers, researchers and writers often witness mental blocks while creating different forms of content. Creating a mind map can simplify the process of idea generation and help them identify all related factors associated to a subject.

Understanding the Linkages

Mind mapping helps in understanding the interrelation between different elements and factors associated with the core subject/ business problem. Many times, it helps us identify a totally unrelated factor which could have triggered a particular crisis. And thus, aid in investigation and problem resolution.

Creating a Marketing Plan

Creating a workable, result oriented marketing plan requires a lot of serious thinking. Using a mind map will allow you to create a visual representation of your thoughts taking into account all the great ideas of your team. It can significantly aid you in exploring all the possible options and sub-options that can be implemented to meet your marketing and business specific objectives.