Top 5 Marketing Tips to Learn from Disney Movies

Today, small or large, companies of any size has a separate budget allocated for its marketing activities as because they very well understand the need for promoting their product, service, and offerings to potential customers. Through marketing, your business gets a chance to be discovered by prospects. Why a customer should select your offering over the others offering the same has to be made clear to your prospect which is only possible through proper marketing of it.

Marketing has become a popular choice of investment in various industries particularly the media industry, be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Production houses are spending crores in promoting their movies through every possible way. Let’s take the example of one of the most famous and prosperous production house, Walt Disney Co. whose recent release Finding Dory is raising roars in the theater. If you check the box office record of this movie, then a thought may come into your mind that how the film was able to draw so many audiences compared to others released at the same time. The answer to this question is very simple – yes you thought it right- it is the outcome of a sheer marketing campaign that Disney conducts with the release of each of its movies to not only introduce their offering to the audience but also compelling them to happily spend good amounts in multiplexes.

Want to know more about how Disney is leveraging the benefits of marketing? Then let’s take an overview of Disney’s marketing techniques and in the process learn some valuable inputs from it.

Entertainment Matters

One of the crucial tools of marketing is advertisements and creating ads that are interesting, appealing and most importantly entertaining is very vital for the success of your marketing campaign. A brand like Disney well understands it and that is perhaps the reason behind its focus on creating ads that are memorable and has an entertainment factor. There is no doubt that Disney movies have great stories but what makes them even more appreciable is the way they are marketed by the company.

So, if you are planning your next ad then don’t forget to make it entertaining to drive your marketing into sales leads. Being an entertainer, Disney utilizes entertaining marketing campaigns to sell stories, superheroes, action, drama and more.

Touch of Personalization

Adding a personal touch to your marketing campaigns will take you a step ahead towards you sales target. Disney’s movies have given us characters that left an unforgettable impact on our mind, making its way to our memory forever. By building stories related to our personal life, the company has always been successful in alluring us to the theater. Even the idea of using cartoon characters as mascots for promoting brands was also Disney’s contribution to the market. Following the same path even marketers can use mascots to add an extra edge to their marketing campaigns.

Set the right goal and follow the right strategy

At Disney Studios and Pixar, employees are cast members and their jobs are roles which they perform in a set pattern. Everyone is given freedom to be creative with new ideas and roadmaps. Producing a movie worth millions requires not only money but a lot of backstage actions. It is because of the hard work and the right strategy that Disney employees are able to deliver quality works that are captivating, entertaining and exciting. Same is the scenario in the field of marketing where for the success of a marketing campaign, a marketer needs to follow a right strategy by combining operations, legal, compliance, and human resources departments in an organized manner.

Take the liberty of fun

Disney movies are fun to watch as they take you to the world where see your fantasies and dreams come alive on the theater screen before you. Depicting stories of kings, superheroes and fairy tales that are full of action, drama, emotion, animation, digital effects and sound effects, the entertainment company never lets your attention get diverted, or your interest gets lost.

The company does not limit itself to producing a movie; you can find it being actively involved in supporting movie trailers, post-movie marketing, posters, branded paraphernalia and all other marketing tools that happen before and after a Disney movie.

Similarly, if you want your marketing campaign does not sound boring then add fun quotient to it like the Disney movies you have watched by far. By creating plans using both traditional and digital marketing activities, you can make your product stand out in the crowd.

Be imaginative

What a man sees seems more appealing to him than what he hears. Visual media has always been a fundamental element of any marketing activity. When you add humor to your content, your marketing proves to be extraordinary. Nobody likes to watch or hear anything which is boring. The same thought led Disney to create characters like Mickey Mouse that are cute and fun to watch. When its characters became famous, Disney kept on patronizing its audience with the same characters again and again and as a matter of fact even being the same old character, Mickey Mouse never lost its popularity. This is because the creation of such characters is based on our demand for seeing something which can never happen in real life. As we love imagination, we keep on holding to such imaginative creations in our memory.

Being imaginative with your marketing activity will drive you to the stage of success where Disney stands today. Developing campaigns that meets the imaginative cravings of the customers will help you in getting a step closer to their attention. The moment they feel moved by your creativity, they will start taking interest in knowing your business profile better which may turn out to be the opportunity for you to convert marketing into sales.

If so far you have been a Disney movie fan but never looked at the excellence of its marketing creativity and achievements then start looking now because once you track its record, you are bound to get boosted by what you have learned from above tips so far and give a kick start to your marketing plans.