Significance of SEO and SEM for B2B Marketers

Today SEO and SEM are the most important tools for B2B marketers. In-order to boost online visibility, recently B2B marketers have come up with an idea of making use of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for increasing online visibility of their products/ services and accordingly, increase sales. Apart from that B2B marketers are concentrating on driving more traffic to their website through search engine optimization as higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search; the greater is the chance that the site will be visited by a user.

A research conducted by Enquiro has demonstrated the role of search engines in B2B transactions. The well designed study of 1500 participants responded to a 40 question survey that was justified with pre-testing before implementation. Below listed are some highlights of the survey.

  1. The research demonstrated that search engines play a vital role in making purchase decisions, as approximately 93 % of the participants approved that they would research online prior to a B2B purchase. That must be a very hopeful number for marketers.
  2. In 95.5 % cases, search engines are primarily used during the early and mid research stage of the buying cycle.

  1. Google is favored over other search engines; however the actual research starts at least a month or two before the actual purchase.

  1. B2B marketers should build a strong SEO strategy, as organic search engine optimization provides above 70% of the clicks as compared to paid clicks.

  1. Even after checking out the industry portals and manufacturers’ sites, 86.9% of the participants said that, they come back to search engines while fixing a budget for their purchases, mainly in order to make comparisons.

B2B marketers should not worry about disturbing customer behavior or infuriate them with redundant ads or mails because they can easily reach out to their target audience via high page ranks and perfectly prepared websites, as both SEO and SEM are non- intrusive marketing tools.

Placing ads on various websites can be quite expensive, so you can ensure an economical B2B online marketing campaign through SEO and SEM which can obviously be profitable.

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