Top 8 Email Marketing Software for Nonprofits to Boost Outreach

Do you know that 70% of nonprofits do not have an email marketing strategy despite 26% of online donors confessing that email marketing encourages them to support?

Email marketing has a high potential to connect and inspire donors worldwide. Hence, organizations should recognize the immense power of email marketing software for nonprofits.

Additionally, many studies indicate that email continues to offer the highest ROI of any outreach method. A report by TruConversion suggests an email marketing campaign helps earn $40 for every $1 spent, which is a 4000% ROI.

Here is a detailed overview of email marketing software for nonprofits.

What is Email Marketing Software for Nonprofits?

Email marketing software is a service-based platform designed to automate the process of email marketing. It helps marketers create, send, and track email campaigns to their subscribers email lists.

Organizations can employ this platform for different purposes, such as creating an email list, designing customized email templates, and segmenting a target audience to send communications. Email marketing software has several resources for organizations to auto-generate emails, promote products and services, deliver newsletters, etc.

Top Features to Consider When Seeking the Best Email Marketing Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have unique needs when seeking a compatible marketing solution. Hence, it is paramount to identify an email marketing software for nonprofits that caters to their unique requirements and objectives.

Here are the key factors to identify the ideal email marketing software that aligns with the goals of a nonprofit.

1. Free Trials and Discounts for NPOs

Most email marketing platforms have special provisions for NPOs and offer discounts or special pricing. With limited resources, nonprofit organizations always require cost-effective options.

Hence, determine if the software provider offers any trial or discount options for NPOs to help avoid stretching the marketing budget.

2. User-friendly Design and Setup Process

Complicated software can consume a considerable time to set up and use the platform. Hence, find an option with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. An accessible and easy-to-use platform that requires minimal technical expertise will reduce downtime and require less effort.

3. Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Consider software options that integrate well with tools like CRM, donation platforms, or event management software. Seamless integration is crucial to streamline workflows and provide a comprehensive view of donor engagements.

4. Efficient Email Builder

An effective email marketing campaign depends on visually appealing, engaging email templates and learning resources. The ideal email marketing software for nonprofits should include a functional email builder with drag-and-drop features, customizable templates, and other design options.

5. Precise Analytics and Reporting

Elaborate analytics and reporting features allow marketers to measure the success and effectiveness of email campaigns. Consider choosing platforms that offer details on open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and other key metrics to determine the marketing efforts’ impact.

6. Workflow Automation

Effective email marketing platforms for nonprofits offer automation and effortless audience segmentation. The software should enable organizations to send personalized messages based on donor interests and engagement levels, facilitating better conversion and donor retention.

Top 8 Email Marketing Software for Nonprofits

Here is a list of reliable email marketing software for nonprofits to enhance their email marketing efforts and engage with supporters efficiently.

1. MailChimp

mailchamp bluemailmedia

Mailchimp is one of the most experienced companies offering an email marketing platform that helps reach donors and supporters at the right time.


  • It offers powerful marketing automation, allowing marketers to target supporters based on their preferences and send emails in different time zones.
  • Marketers can use its reporting insights and grow an audience with Facebook or LinkedIn ad campaigns.
  • It has a click map feature visually demonstrating user interaction with the campaign links.

Pricing: Nonprofits can get a 15% discount. The prices of various plan options, such as Free, Essential, Standard, and Premium, range from $0 – $299/month.

2. ActiveCampaign

Active campaign bluemailmedia

ActiveCampaign is one of the most sought-after email marketing software for nonprofits. It has a clean and simple user interface. Marketers can find several learning resources to improve their email efforts.


  • ActiveCampaign’s automation builder is one of the most extensive EMS providers, offering over 400 templates.
  • It also provides a Conditional Content tool for more personalized donor interactions.

Pricing: ActiveCampaign offers a 20% discount for nonprofits with a price starting from $9/month for 500 subscribers. Moreover, it has a 14-day free trial. Sign up for a monthly plan after the trial period for more flexibility.

3. GetResponse

Get response bluemailmedia

GetResponse is an email marketing platform for nonprofits with a responsive interface and straightforward drag-and-drop builders.


  • GetResponse provides multiple A/B testing options including subject line, delivery time, the from field, and content.
  • One can test five subject lines for each message and personalize each one.

However, the analytics tools offer only basic insights such as open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces.

Pricing: It provides a generous 30% or 50% discount for nonprofits. It also has a free account that allows marketers to access its features on a trial basis for the first 30 days.

4. Constant Contact

Constant contact

Constant Contact is among the top email marketing platforms for nonprofits. It offers a beginner-friendly design and autoresponder email options to create professional-grade email campaigns.


  • Marketers can use Constant Contact to design email templates and create email marketing campaigns with a visual drag-and-drop builder.
  • Pre-designed email templates and free images allow them to fasten the designing process and develop effective campaigns.

Price: Constant Contact offers a 30-day free trial period and is available for $9.99/month after the trial. Organizations can register for the trial period without adding any credit card details unless they continue after the trial period.

Nonprofits can leverage up to 20% off for a 6-month prepay and 30% off on a 12-month prepay.

5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign monitor bluemailmedia

Campaign Monitor is a well-regarded email marketing platform for nonprofit organizations. It helps marketers connect with the target audience through user-friendly email marketing and automation tools.


  • It offers professionally designed email templates and customization for email marketing strategies.
  • Marketers can run highly targeted emails using segmentation, automated emails, and triggers.
  • It also has a visual journey designer, integration options, metrics, and insights for improved analytics.

Pricing: Nonprofits receive a 15% discount. The Basic, Unlimited, and Premier pricing packages range from $9 to $149/month.

One can take advantage of the free trial offered by Campaign Monitor by signing up for an account first without payment. It allows users to test the service by sending multiple test campaigns to a maximum of 5 people.

6. AWeber

AWeber bluemailmedia

AWeber is an effective email marketing software for nonprofits. Being the oldest email service provider, marketers can easily integrate AWeber with many platforms.


  • AWeber comes with 400+ readymade email newsletter templates.
  • Marketers can leverage email analytics and data reports to launch engaging campaigns.
  • It also offers an automatic RSS to send emails to bloggers.

Pricing: The free plan allows organizations to work with up to 500 subscribers. They can take their $16.15/month plan for more than 500 subscribers.

Besides, marketers can leverage a three-month free subscription if their organizations come under a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. After the first three months, they can avail of a flat 25% discount.

7. Benchmark

Benchmark bluemailmedia

Benchmark is best for nonprofits with limited staff and budgets. Its AI feature makes managing email campaigns easy and helps with writing too.


  • Benchmark has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
  • It includes advanced features like A/B testing and segmentation under its Pro plan.
  • It also offers a thorough knowledge base for paid accounts including webinars, live chat/phone support etc.

Pricing: Benchmark provides a 25% discount for nonprofits on paid plans. Its free forever option limits 3500 emails/month with basic segmentation, automation, and 4 nonprofit email templates.

8. HubSpot

Hubspot bluemailmedia

Hubspot is a popular email marketing software for nonprofits to send emails and raise funds effectively.


  • It has a drag-and-drop email builder to design email campaigns.
  • Hubspot offers pre-built email templates, live chat + email support, and a detailed performance analytics report.
  • Moreover, it also provides A/B testing for optimizing email campaign conversions.

Pricing: Hubspot is available for free to send up to 2000 emails. It offers a 40% discount for nonprofits and a free crash course covering insights on indirect marketing.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing strategies rely heavily on the platform the organization chooses. They save time and money by automating manual processes and improving the effectiveness of campaigns. Also, they assist you in executing targeted email marketing campaigns with personalized content to garner specific donors’ attention.

The above list is concise yet comprehensive, and based on your organizational requirements, you can choose the best email marketing software for non-profits that suits your distinctive needs and let you conduct the email campaigns in a hassle-free way.