Why Email Marketing Crushes Social Media Marketing for B2B?

Although social media sites are considered as the effective marketing platform for many businesses, still you must not give it more priority than email marketing, especially if your commerce transactions between businesses (B2B), because, email marketing still crushes social media marketing in many ways.

Below listed are the reasons why email marketing crushes social media marketing for B2B.

  1. Email is the most personal means: Remember, that if you want to contact older audience than email is the best way to approach, as many still don’t have Facebook accounts or use Facebook as a platform to discuss business. Moreover, many business minded people do not log on to Facebook for private one-on – one discussions. But they do open Gmail or Outlook to send out emails.
  1. Email is the most business oriented means: Although many businesses use social media sites for communicating with various people. Still, when it comes to communicating with clients and building business relationships, they prefer to use email as it is the most serious medium to discuss business.
  1. Emails get more attention: Emails enable you to make repeated contact, and that contact is “persistent”. Emails reach the mailboxes of the recipients, where your message is waiting to grab the attention of the recipient. But messages on social media sites often get lost because of the larger timeline featuring many people. Moreover, if you send your message to your customers via email which is worth reading your customers will surely spend time to read your message., whereas on Facebook you can miss a great opportunity to confront your customers if you don’t hit the right window.
  1. Email is the most negotiation oriented media: Often it is seen that customers do expect to get offers via email and they are also mentally prepared to buy things through email. Whereas, in social media sites your customers are there to chat with their friends and are more eager to share or see interesting things or updates, rarely people will be looking to buy anything there. Through emails you can prepare your customers to expect offers, by teaching them about the value of your product on a regular basis. Remember that social media sites are channels used by people, for frivolous, non-business and non-transactional things so, marketing messages get more noticed in emails than social media sites.