Follow-Up With Your Leads: 8 Telemarketing Strategies To Know

If you are a salesperson, you might have come across various challenges while following up with your leads through telephone calls. The follow-up calls are considered as the starting point of the sales cycle but are often tricky to execute. But with a well-planned strategy, one can successfully establish a relationship with the lead. You can gain the substantial information for your campaigns by investing little effort and time on the prospects.

Hence it is required to have a team of experts who are capable of drafting a well-structured plan. Your company can reap the maximum benefit with the help of such proposals. So, instead of chasing the uninterested leads and paving the way for the failure, study the telemarketing strategies mentioned here to boost your business growth.

1. Stay Committed to Your Task

Be it a small task or a bigger one; the commitment plays a vital role everywhere. Likewise, if you are a salesperson with hefty loads of work to be done, commitment helps you in executing it faster. Set a specific time and date for the follow-up by discussing with the clients. Do not go with the vague statements such as “call me later” or “call you in the next week” while fixing a time for your next call.

It may result in the voicemails or missed calls, and hence you may lose the potential client. Therefore, be specific with the time as well as the date to successfully take your sales journey further. If your prospects are not happy with the time specified, be sure to change it according to their convenience. Also, setting a deadline helps you to accomplish your task quickly.

2. Follow Timings Accordingly

This statement goes well with the strategy mentioned above. After your client fixes the date and time, be sure you call them at the specified time. Staying true to these promises will avoid the useless piles of work in the later stage. Also, the clients will not assume that you have taken them for granted. Hence these small efforts to stay punctual shows your respect towards the prospect’s decision and thereby the chances of doing business with them increases.

Besides, it helps in creating the professional image for your company. But if you could not make it in the time specified, be apologetic and send them a message or an email to show your concern. Use this technique in your sales strategy and see how it affects your ROI.

3. Creativity in The Opening Statements

You are not the only telemarketer in this business space; there are lot more who have tried various tactics on the clients. So, be sure you are not one among them and stop annoying your prospects. Avoid using the common phrases such as:

– This call is regarding our follow-up proposals.

– I am calling you to follow-up our previous conversation.

– Our company wanted to confirm whether you received our offer or not.

– I wanted to know your decision.

Do not alienate your clients with such mistakes. Come up with the best opening statement to differentiate your organization from others.

4. Do Not Sound Desperate

The politeness and the professional ethics will help you in building the brand personality. To be the best salesperson or a marketer, one needs to master the skills of persistence and kind words. But that does not give you a freedom to annoy your clients with long or unplanned follow-up calls. Also, if you do not hear from them, stop annoying the clients by calling every time. Do not sound pushy or desperate to market your product.

Try to be persistent with the clients who are not responding to your calls, but do not pest them. Leave a note or a message saying, “I am from __________. I tried calling you a couple of times today, but I was unable to reach you. Drop me a message or give a call to this number _______ whenever you are free.” By giving them some time to call you back, you are not only gaining their trust but also making them comfortable to proceed.

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5. Be Thankful

This strategy works well for every industry. You can implement this step after every follow-up call. Send your prospects a thank you card or a handwritten note to make them feel special. Every client loves to be appreciated or receive such unexpected notes after talking with the company. Also, you can send an email or message them if you are unable to send them a card.

Do not include too many things on the note. Keep it simple with the statements such as “Thank you _________ for spending some time with us!” or “We are looking forward to having the next conversation with you!”. Although it looks plain and does not consume much of your time, it will have a significant effect on your clients.

6. Set A Reminder

One must carry out this step the day before the follow-up call. You must send an email reminding them of their appointment with you. It should be a simple reminder which consists of no jargon’s. The more you complicate it, the chances of unopen rate increases. So, be precise about your plan. Write a short subject line indicating your appointment. You can also mention the date and time in it.

Whereas, in the email body, you must briefly state about your agenda and the purpose of the call. Also, do not pressurize your client to commit. Try to sound informal and natural. It keeps them free from the fear of commitment and the chances of responding to your call increases drastically.

7. Show Some Extra Effort

To implement this strategy, one has to do some homework. Since you had an initial conversation with the client, you will know what interested them in your company or your services. Research on such topics and try to provide more information about it in your next call. Besides, you can also email them an article regarding their interest or some extra information about your products to draw them closer to you.

It will make the client look more valuable and hence it adds value to your call as well. Also, this leaves a long-lasting imprint on their mind, and they will remember your effort always. Although it consumes extra energy and time, the outcome will make you happy.

8. Keep A Record

Try to record your conversation with the client for the future reference. Most of the organizations do not follow this strategy. It may look natural, but you will have to invest some time to manage all the recorded files. But an extra effort spent on documenting the call will benefit you more than expected. You can study the prospects behavior pattern as well as interests using these data.

Apart from that, you can also measure the success of your follow-up call with no flaws. You can determine various factors such as:

– Did I achieve the objective of the call?

– How successful was it?

– What changes should I implement to make it successful?

– Does he sound like a potential lead?

– Should I fix another appointment?

– What will be the objective of the next call?

– Do I need help from the other team members?

Wrapping Up

The more strategies you implement, the more you will be able to find the solutions to the challenges faced in the follow-up calls. Hence focus more on the follow-up calls which is critical for any business growth. Be sure you have all the materials with you before dialing the number. Go according to the plan set by the team to sell your brand to the prospects.

The tactics mentioned in this write-up will help you to stand apart from the other telemarketers in the corporate space. Try to implement them in your organization and stay ahead in the competition. The sooner, the better!