4 Effortless Ways to Approach COO Executives

Chief operating officers are responsible for overseeing all the internal functions in the organizations; they are in charge of managing company resources effectively. Moreover, they implement beneficial programs to improve the performances of the employees.

As the chief operating officer plays a very significant role to carry out the day to day business operation in the organization, approaching to them becomes quite hard for global B2B Marketers, because these COO executives are busy professionals, they don’t have time to read every email that reaches their inboxes, or to answer the calls that they receive. Moreover, they have secretaries who don’t let unwanted emails to reach the executives’ table. However, there are some strategies following which you can easily approach the COO’s in renowned business organizations worldwide.

Check those simple yet effective ways below:

Send dimensional mails: No matter what, dimensional emails will surely get opened by the receiver, so use dimensional mailing to send the COO something that he will like and appreciate; for example, a useful gadget, a book or an essential report, etc. At the same time make sure that the offering is not junk.

Offer them the solutions: Before approaching the COO, you must do some research work and find out precisely what the COO is looking for and what are his requirements to solve the issues that the company is facing. By having a rough knowledge of this, you can quickly present your solutions before him via email or voicemail. Moreover, you must try to project yourself as an expert in front of him.

Make use of professional networking sites:

Today, numerous professional networking platforms can facilitate you to connect with C-level title holders. And also form a genuine business relationship with them, like for example LinkedIn. It is quite popular and can enable you to approach the executives, but make sure you know the COO’s roles and responsibilities and his significant concerns before connecting with them.

Directly interview the executive: If your company has a newsletter, you can directly call the executive and schedule an interview with him, knowing his personal opinions regarding matters can enable you to establish a connection with him, later on, you can publish the conversation in your company newsletter.

Take away

Selling to the COO’s of any organization is a challenging game altogether. Hence you need to be well-prepared and creative before executing the strategies mentioned in this write-up. Besides, you must also be respectful about their timing since they are busy professionals in the industry. But all your extra effort will be worth it if you can connect with them in the right way.