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Expert-approved B2B Lead Generation Tactics for Stellar Marketing

  • May 10, 2022
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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As 2021 approaches its end and a new year is on the horizon, it signals a re-evaluation of old strategies and finding new ones to stay competitive and generate more leads to establish a strong pipeline. Lead generation is considered the backbone of B2B marketing.

So much so that 53% of marketers allocate half of their budget to lead generation activities. But as the buyer behavior changes with time, the same old strategies are rendered ineffective.

With that said, if you have been using the same old tactics for quite some time, it may be time to integrate new lead generation tactics and recalibrate the old ones. But finding new lead generation strategies every year can be challenging considering changing buyer behavior and a highly competitive marketplace. But don’t worry; we got you covered.

This infographic sheds light on some highly result-oriented lead generation tactics that will up your marketing game and maximize your ROI.


Lead-gen tactics 2022 to power up your campaigns. 

What does B2B lead generation entail?

  • Identifying the ideal customers for your product or service.
  • Attracting and converting interested target audiences.

Why is lead generation the backbone of B2B marketing?

  • To build visibility, credibility, trust, and interest among the target audience.
  • To drive traffic from high-quality prospects.
  • To ensure steady business growth.
  • To generate more revenue.

91% of B2B marketers consider generating high-quality leads as their primary goal.

Potent B2B lead generation tactics to try in 2022

1. Use your website as a lead generation tool

  • Create landing pages on your website, containing product-specific information.
  • Drive traffic to your website using SEO keywords, email marketing, social media, etc.
  • Use CTAs that direct to your landing pages.

       94% of B2B buyers visit sellers’ websites before making purchases.

2. Use email marketing to attract new leads

  • Cold emails help create brand awareness and gauge the interest of new leads.
  • Collect email addresses.
  • Send enticing yet to-the-point emails.
  • Follow-up with non-responsive emails.
  • Continue with the interested contacts.

48% marketers use email marketing for lead generation.

3. Use powerful content to get more leads interested

  • Use gated content to know which leads are interested.
  • Map out your buyers’ journey and offer relevant content.

88% of marketers use content marketing for lead generation.

4. Leverage the power of virtual assistants

  • Use chatbots to facilitate the optimized and personalized customer experience.
  • Tailor customer experiences to streamline lead generation.

         41% of visitors expect live chat on your website.

5. Host Webinars

  • Host events, like webinars to help other business owners learn from you.
  • Identify topics that will address their pain points.
  • Advertise your event and reserve time for Q&A.
  • Follow up with leads after the event.

95% marketers use webinars for lead generation.

6. Additional proven tactics

  • Offer help on Q&A sites.
  • Use Account-Based Marketing.
  • Ask for customer referrals.
  • Request customers to leave genuine feedback and reviews.
  • Use social media ads.
  • Leverage buyer intent data.
  • Participate in B2B networking events.


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