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10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost B2B Sales

  • Jan 22, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Regardless of what people say about email, it is still one of the most popular and cost-effective channels to generate more sales. By effectively tapping into this marketing strategy, businesses can gain quality leads and also engage with their prospects at a higher level.

Email marketing works best for almost every niche out there. But, to reap the highest benefit from this method, one has to go beyond sending only promotional content to the subscribers. One has to follow the right tips to make an email marketing campaign stand out from the competitors.

In this Infographic, let us look at some of the practical and the most competitive email marketing approach to boost sales numbers. Integrate it into your business actions if you want to stay in line with current marketing practices.

10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost B2B Sales


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Email marketing isn’t complicated anymore. With a few simple and effective methods, you can significantly increase your sales and revenue in no time.

Why Email Marketing?

  • More than 34% of people use email worldwide.
  • About 196 billion emails are sent out every day.
  • Out of this, 109 billion emails are business-oriented.

Yes, Emails are Popular!

How to Use Emails to Boost Your Sales?

Tip #1: Segment. Segment. Segment

Divide your email list into smaller and more targeted sub-groups. It lets you promote your products and services in a personalized manner.

  • List segmentation increases email open rates by 39%.
  • It is proven to improve revenue by 760%.

Tip #2: Maintain Email Consistency

Don’t hesitate to send out emails to your list weekly or daily to build and nurture a list of loyal subscribers. Doing so will result in a higher number of sales.

  • 32% of marketers send emails every day, and 73% do it weekly.
  • 61% of subscribers prefer receiving an email at least once a month.

Tip #3: Not So Shady Subject Line

The subject line needs to be transparent and not gimmicky. It helps you build a trusting relationship with your subscribers so that they open your emails again and again.

  • The subject line with 3 words has the highest engagement rate of 21.2%.
  • Personalized subject lines see a 37% increase in unique open rates.

Tip #4: Short & Sweet Messages

Your emails should be clear and concise so that the receivers get the message and act on it. Keeping your message simple receives a better response from the campaign.

  • Emails with 20 lines of text received the highest click-through rates.
  • The open rate of emails written at a 3rd-grade reading level was 36% better.

Tip #5: Personalize Your Messages

Personalization helps you create a unique experience for your prospects, thereby making them feel special, and increases their chance of doing business with you.

  • Personalized emails can deliver 6x higher transaction rates.
  • An email with personalized content received the highest open rate of 18.8%.

Tip #6: Make Your Email Interactive

Interactive elements are one of the hottest email design trends. Using interactive features can drive more conversions while entertaining the recipients.

  • Interactive email content upsurges the rate of click-to-open by 73%.
  • Adding videos to your email will boost click rates by 300%.

Tip #7: Mobile-Friendly Emails

Mobile-friendly emails ensure that your messages look great on devices of all screen sizes. If it isn’t mobile-friendly, you could fail to engage your subscribers and drive sales.

  • 68% of email marketing campaigns are opened on a mobile device.
  • 89% recommend a brand after a positive experience on the mobile.

Tip #8: Abandoned Cart Email Series

Send an abandoned cart email series when buyers leave your website without completing their purchase. You can offer discounts or free shipping to make them buy from you.

  • Abandoned cart emails boost nearly a 45% open rate.
  • 50% of the leads make a recovered purchase back on site.

Tip #9: Co-ordinate Paid Ads with Emails

If you could afford to advertise, try making your emails and advertising related. By thinking ‘outside of the inbox,’ you can build conversion opportunities quickly.

  • 22% were more likely to purchase when Facebook ads are coordinated with emails.
  • You can get 10x more out of email marketing with PPC.

Tip #10: Dedicated Page for Your Campaign

You must give equal significance to where you send your subscribers from your email. To get good conversions, create a dedicated landing page to direct your email traffic.

  • Businesses with 10 to 15 landing pages can increase leads by 55%.
  • A landing page that targets correctly can increase conversion rate by 300%.

There you go! These tested email marketing tips will send your sales soaring.


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