Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing refers to any form or technique of marketing in which a marketing buzz is created around a product or a service by users who pass on the advertiser’s messages to other sites or to other users.

In simpler words, ‘Viral’ in marketing refers to anything that spreads fast through internet or any other domain. It can be a simple message about a product launch posted on social media, or a video posted on video sharing sites which users find appealing enough to entice with and to share across various channels.

It gives a multifold growth to the visibility of the messages to create brand awareness.

What is Viral Marketing

Methods Involved in Viral Marketing:

  1. Social media optimization (SMO) – Social networking sites, video sharing sites, and more
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Influencer marketing
  4. Mobile integration
  5. Web search engines

Benefits of Viral Marketing:

  • As users play a significant role, it cuts down the cost spent on marketing campaigns.
  • Potential to reach a huge audience – even international.
  • Better interaction between a user and a brand
  • Establish a social presence of the business
  • Creates brand awareness – commendably beneficial for newly established businesses

Must-haves for successful Viral Marketing:

  • Appealing and relevant content
  • Use of the platform suitable most to the targeted audience – YouTube, Facebook, or more.
  • Using the right influencer.

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