Persuasion Marketing is an approach where marketers apply human psychology to their marketing strategies so that a user or buyer takes a buying decision. Marketers apply human psychology to the designing of websites and other marketing techniques focusing on the impulsive behavior of the customers that makes them to purchase.

For example, it includes creating the layout, copy, promotional messages, and content of the website keeping in mind the various aspects of human psychology. The end goal is to persuade the customers to begin a buying journey.

Persuasion Marketing

Benefits of Persuasion Marketing:

  • Better engagement rate as it addresses the needs of the customers directly
  • Lowers down marketing costs
  • Easy to convert leads into sales
  • Increase in ROI

How to start Persuasion Marketing:

  • Understand the needs and expectations of the prospects
  • Learn about their behavioral psychology
  • Give time to the prospect for his research
  • Use customer data at every step of the clients buying journey
  • Be genuine and honest while explaining your services
  • Have adequate information of the services and products that you are selling
  • Look confident

Basics of Persuasion Marketing:

  • Commitment and consistency – Commitment with consistency towards the persuasion techniques
  • Reciprocity – Infuse emotions in people by giving them something
  • Social proof and credibility – Testimonials and reviews of peers
  • Authority – Prove your expertise



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