6 Pitch-Perfect Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

Did you know an email can bring magic to your newly established business?

Well, most of the new business owners believe that in the world of advanced technologies, ‘Emails are dead’. Let me tell you, Email Marketing is still one among the most prominent methods to promote your business. If you are a beginner looking for more leads, enhanced revenues and powerful affinity with customers, you must dive deep into the ocean of Email Marketing. But yes, dive right! One unplanned email can toss-up the game.

Let your emails do the marketing for you with these 6 pitch-perfect tips for beginners:

1. Start it Right:

Know your audience. Yes, this is the first required step. Before you start your email marketing campaign, you should know every nerve and vein of the interests of your audience. Do research on the consumers you are planning to serve: their needs, problems and solutions. Connect the outcome with what you want to offer. Build a list of the targeted audience and solicit.

2. Win with Content:

Email can strike right at the goal if it carries engaging and useful content. Your email content should target the precise audience. Typical sales language can bore your readers whereas easily readable tone of conversation can drive their interests.

Personalize the message to let your specified audience know that “Yes, what we offer is made for you”.

A genuine call to action with accurate links to social media engages the readers more.

3. Pack it in Subject Line:

You cannot resist yourself clicking on an email in your inbox with an interesting subject line. Same is with your customers. A boring subject line can lead your email to spam. Never include names of people in it. Keep it short, unique but genuine. Keep transparency in the deals and try to go out of the box while exhibiting those in the subject line.

4. Before you Send:

Always proofread before you hit ‘send’. Typo errors or language mistakes can really annoy your readers. Timing also matters a lot here. Do some homework on when your intended audience is most likely to read their emails and plan your emails accordingly.

Also, never forget to test your email before sending. Testing your emails on various platforms can give you a better understanding of the required strategies of your marketing campaign.

5. Manage Subscribers:

Marketers should send personalized messages to their subscribers. Consumers respond more to the offers similar to their shopping history. You should also give the subscribers option to unsubscribe. It helps in building the trust for the brand.

Every new subscriber may be welcomed with an auto-generated email and the email list should be updated on a periodical basis.

6. Schedule and Regularity:

Email marketing is a regular and tricky process. Too many emails can irritate your readers taking you to the ‘unsubscribe’ button and too less can make them lose interest.

You should plan and maintain the right frequency of your email campaign according to subscribers.

Email marketing can pile your business high with leads and enhanced ROI (Returns on Investment). If done well, it can bring you maximum revenue at minimum cost. Try these tips and let your emails do the talking for your business.