Actionable Marketing Strategies for Growing Construction Firms

Do you own a construction company and are aiming to expand your business? Then you need the appropriate marketing strategies to reach your customers. To cut through the intense competition in the industry and highlight your services, you might need to refine your existing strategies.

Preparing an engaging website, account marketing, and email marketing are excellent ways to market your products and services. These will improve your brand image and awareness effectively.

Curious to know all the details? That’s why we have curated all the winning construction marketing strategies in today’s post. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1. Have a Stellar Company Website

In today’s digital world, the most important marketing strategy for construction company is to develop a solid company website. You can consider your website your digital identity that can make or break your marketing efforts.

You have to understand that most customers check your company profile using your website. If they are impressed by your offerings, they will contact you to avail of your services. That’s why it’s extremely crucial to clearly highlight your products and services on the website’s main landing page.

For a construction business, the website doesn’t need to be very dazzling, like an eCommerce store. Try to have a simple design, convenient navigation, and bright visuals.

Note: Don’t forget to add an actionable CTA at the end of the landing page to lead the customer towards the purchase.

2. Invest in Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a strategy where you develop targeted campaigns for your most high-value or ideal customers. It’s actually an excellent strategy that allows you to get the most out of your marketing initiatives.

For this approach, you need to identify your target customers, especially your most rewarding clients. Then, you need to determine their queries, requirements, and how you can address them. You can start developing your marketing campaigns like email and ad campaigns based on this data.

So, when you invest a significant portion of your marketing on these clients, the chances of conversion are automatically better. These clients can be prospects that might fetch you profitable deals in the future. It is a great strategy to enhance your marketing and sales efforts.

Plus, you can reduce your sales cycles, reduce telemarketing initiatives and optimize your marketing budget.

3. Be a Part of a Construction Association

This strategy is a bit different from others but is still one of the most beneficial marketing strategy for construction company.

Every state and country has its own essential construction associations or regulatory bodies. You must definitely join these associations if you’re running a construction business. You will receive an array of benefits and strengthen your marketing campaigns.

Primarily, you will be able to interact with many established companies in the industry. You can talk to the CEOs, managers, and chief engineers about how they conduct their business. These interactions are also a great platform to understand the latest trends in the construction industry.

Joining an important association will also provide a lot of credibility and authority to your brand. Moreover, you can develop excellent relationships in the industry that will help you promote your services.

And all this will allow you to improve your lead generation and sales.

4. Start Email Marketing

Have you ever been impressed by a fancy email sent by an online company? You can send the type of attractive emails to your target customers and clients as well. Remember, email marketing for construction industry is still one of the most successful marketing strategies ever.

Emails enable you to stay in touch with your customers and highlight your services. Plus, these are excellent ways to promote newly launched products or services. Here are some ways to approach email marketing to enhance your business .

Instead of bombarding your customers with emails every other day, prepare a timeline to send the mails.

  • You can send two to three emails per week not to irritate the customer
  • Keep the emails short, crisp and include attractive visuals to make the customer read all of it
  • Add a CTA that redirects the customer to your official site or product/service page
  • Include an exciting header that will make the reader open the email instantly

5. Send Valuable Content

Surviving in the construction business is challenging, as the competition is huge. When all companies claim to be the best, you have to stand apart with your services. In this digital age, you have to consider content as one of your products that can fetch customers.

• You don’t have to be a content marketing pro to start developing valuable content. You have to keep it simple, informative, and intriguing.
• You can create articles, videos, social media posts, e-books, case studies, and downloadable pdfs. All this content must be available free of cost and include important topics related to construction.
• Instructional videos and buying guides can also provide enriching content to your customers and target clients.

Then, send all these valuable types of content via your weekly emails. Ensure that your content is top-notch and informative, keeping the reader waiting for more!

6. Attend Exhibitions

Participating in exhibitions and industrial events is an outstanding marketing strategy for any construction company. You can set up your stall, highlight your services, present demonstrations, and organize seminars.

These are excellent locations to distribute flyers brochures and reach out to as many people as possible. Attending trade shows will help boost your brand visibility and lead generation.

Wrapping Up

The most effective construction marketing strategy will depend upon your business objectives and target customers. So, you need to figure these out before developing marketing campaigns.

It’s also important to be aware of the latest happenings and trends in the construction industry. You can also use social media platforms like LinkedIn to gather traffic towards your brand.

Try posting regularly on these platforms on industry-related issues, your work culture, and even something fun! It is not necessary that your online marketing will revolve around your brand. You need to develop stronger connections with your customers to keep them loyal.