How to Manage Leads in the Best Possible Way

Lead management is an organized technique that a marketing team uses to acquire, nurture, score, give and evaluate leads. If done in a right manner it can generate more educated buyers, which can help you better understand their requirements and can ultimately generate more revenue.

So, in –order to manage leads in a right way, consider the below listed tips.

  1. Before sending the leads to sales, nurture them : It is always advisable to nurture the leads properly before handing them over to the sales team. The process involves using various online and offline channels like, email, web, phone, social media, etc., to build relationships with qualified prospects who are not yet sales ready. The process of lead nurturing can create a better understanding of the prospects’ requirements. It also facilitates lead scoring.
  1. Influence buying criteria by using thought leadership skills: Remember that B2B purchases are always complex in nature. So, buyers need help and assistance to see possibilities and issues they would not think or find out on their own. Therefore, if you can assist them in solving their issues and queries, or frame a discussion you will be seen by them as an advisor or a thought leader. This is sure to help the buyers think that your company understands their problems and knows how to fix them. Keep no stone unturned to position yourself as a resource to the buyers.
  1. Work with sales team to decide when a lead is sales ready: In- order to determine the steps prospects should take before they are ready for a sales call, start your lead scoring process by working with your sales team to build criteria that should include : Demographic information – Geographic location, company size, etc. Lead source information – PPC search terms, ad source, offer, etc. Behavioral information – web page visits, white paper downloads, etc.
  2. Use implicit behavioral data to score leads: To know whether your prospect is ready to move to the next stage, you must monitor their online activity. Score leads by monitoring prospect’s interest level. Like for instance, you must update scores accordingly by tracking, email clicks, web page visits and white paper downloads.