Learn how to achieve Targeted Website Traffic using Direct Mail

We have a lot of ways to speak than ever before. Text, e-mail, traditional communication, social networks…In this new on-line house, certainly direct mail solely appeals as older, graying generation, right? Wrong!

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail, named as advertising mail is a marketing practice that utilizes a mail service to present with custom tailored offers for products or services for targeted customers or prospects.

Recent studies show that, 76% of internet users are most responsive audiences to direct mail with 63% of them consider that receiving it as a “gratification”.

Why Direct Mail is so popular?

Unlike alternative kinds of advertising, within which we are never positive about who’s obtaining the message, direct mail enables you to communicate one-on-one along with the prospectors that permits us to manage who receives our message, and when it is delivered.

How to implement Direct Mail strategy for driving Website Traffic?

Websites offer a robust means that by promoting our products and services, however they do not work if nobody visits our website. Success is all concerning driving traffic. So, if you are wondering how to drive tons of traffic to your website, then Direct Mail is an excellent tool. Here are some pointers:

1.A Thought Provoking Message:

The content in direct mail should capture the eye to such a degree that the recipient can stop what they are doing and visit our web site. The message won’t be terribly long, postcards sometimes work, however it should pack a robust punch in the least number of words.

2.A Clear call-to-action:

The message must give a transparent decision to action after grabbing the attention of the prospects. They would go to our website, the URL should be terribly straightforward to seek out. Also, the URL should be catchy and not too long.

3. A Motivation to Opt-In:

One of the foremost important reasons for making our prospects to go to the web site is to capture their contact info. We would like them to opt in, however they will not do therefore unless we offer them a decent reason. Perhaps we will be able to provide a bonus of some kind, or they will receive some valuable info. This is often conjointly a good way to build our in-house database direct email list.