3 Ways to Generate High-Quality Clients as A Security Company

As of 2022, the United States hosts more than 10,000 corporations that provide security services. In order to stand out among so many firms and get high-quality leads, you need a strategy to expand your security service’s sales, client base, market dominance, and profitability.

Understanding how to get security contracts that are high-quality entails taking an in-depth look at your services, considering several pricing options, and then spreading the word via promotion.

Increasing your client base and cementing your position as an industry leader calls for examining various marketing approaches used by security companies. This article talks about ways a security company can efficiently generate new clients.

1.    Make Contract Proposals Appealing

Make Contract Proposals Appealing

As with everything, heavy research is required before submitting a bid for a new contract. Your proposal is what ultimately determines whether or not there will be a deal. It is advisable to

Avoid using a blanket agreement for all of your clients. Instead, focus on the specifics of the client’s situation while drafting a contract.  It will help if you put your attention on customization.

Include potential solutions to issues that may arise in the near or distant future. And if your prospective client already employs a security company, highlight the benefits of partnering with you. Spend a lot of time working on your contract proposals to make them more appealing and convincing.

2.    Don’t Be Shy to Make Cold Calls or Networks

Don't Be Shy to Make Cold Calls

Marketing your company out there by making cold calls and sending emails requires bravery, but it might help you attract Clients for your security firm.
Here are some suggestions for reaching a cold readership:

Discover Prospects by using an Email List

Find out exactly who the decision-makers in the industry are and then look for specialists with access to a high-quality email list. Contact them via email and invite them to become part of your network.
By reaching out to industry experts or decision-makers, you can enlighten them about the services you provide in a personalized way. Make the information specific to their:

  • Property type
  • Industry requirements
  • Company size

Attend Events held by the Industry

In order to make more connections, participate in professional gatherings such as trade shows and conferences. You can build a network by:

  • Distributing business cards to all relevant attendees
  • Making conversation with them throughout the event and asking for their contact information in return.
  • Following up with those contacts by emailing or calling them after the event.

When reaching out for the first time, offer something of value

There are a few different ways that one may provide value. To begin, pique the lead’s curiosity by providing a discount or an incentive of some kind. You can also provide free material, such as a Prospect’s guide to surveillance systems or perhaps a pamphlet comparing the efficacy of different security solutions.
If you find a viable lead from a high-end mailing list, study their requirements and send a personalized hamper. You can also reach out to them and schedule a property walk.
Walking the property with a prospective client allows you to win their confidence. You will be able to demonstrate to them in real-time the protocols your teams follow, the framework for incident reporting, and how your firm will conduct guard patrols.

3.    Branding


In 2020, the security services sector in the United States made a total income of 46 billion U.S. dollars from its operations. Branding becomes an absolute need in an industry as competitive as this one in order to distinguish yourself from the competition.
Your company’s professional appearance is vital in every fact of your operation. It contributes to your firm’s uniqueness and can instill a sense of pride in the security personnel who work for you.
In selling, you will have an advantage over your competition if the prospect recognizes your name on the initial contact. There are three aspects of branding and advertising that are pretty simple to implement yet have the potential to provide significant results very fast.

  • Because so many clients use the internet these days, it presents the ideal chance for prospective leads to learn more about you via your online presence and marketing efforts.
  • A uniformed guard who proudly displays their employer’s branding is a walking advertisement. If you put effort into training, your employees’ high-quality service will be a free promotion for your business.
  • During the sales process, you should definitely give some thought to demonstrating to potential Client what they may anticipate from your surveillance reports. It is another method of establishing trustworthiness. A branded analysis not only makes your presentations seem more professional but also helps to strengthen your brand.

Additional Tips

If, after putting the suggestions presented above into action, you still feel the need to go the extra mile, there are several steps you can take. Ensure that your business has the greatest possible opportunity of landing more security contracts with the following:

  • Develop a robust pricing strategy
  • Before meeting the Client, do thorough research about them
  • Get to work improving your ratings
  • Establish rigorous training requirements, and be sure to emphasize them in all of your advertising efforts
  • Establish trustworthy and friendly working relationships with continuing partners to get referrals and continued business

Wrapping Up

In the United States, the security sector is a substantial business that has seen explosive expansion over the course of the previous several years. Maintaining a competitive edge requires constant attention and inventiveness.
Be up-to-date with industry standards and connect with individuals via detailed email lists and industry events. Harnessing the power of branding, quality and connections combined, you can get your security firm high-quality contracts efficiently.