How to Generate Sales Leads or Find New Customers?

Although there are various techniques and tools to find new customers and increase sales, still it is always advisable to determine which technique may best enable your business to reach new consumers, as all techniques are not suitable for every type of a business.

Based on the inputs of several sales and marketing experts we have compiled below lead generation tips and best methods to find prospective customers.

  1. Provide useful and valuable Content: Before making a buying decision tech buyers go through on an average of 14 pieces of online content, claims search engine giant Google. So, in order to win the trust of their prospective customers’ companies should provide valuable content to their prospects in the form of ebooks, blogs, white papers, case studies and demos.
  1. Consumer referrals: Happy and satisfied customers always tend to refer acquaintances to those firms with whom they have had a great experience, so, you must do your level best to satisfy your existing customers with your unique products and services. Additionally, you can start referring a friend campaign in your organization to encourage satisfied customers to help you sell to others. It is always great to get a sales lead from a happy consumer notes JR Rodrigues, CEO of NetCablesPlus. A customer who is well acquainted with your products and services also has a good idea of the needs of the referred prospects. This suggests that the lead is possibly well qualified adds Rodrigues.
  1. Elevate your website with PPC, SEO and SEM: As today everything is based on search so SEO, SEM and PPC are the most effective marketing ways for Lead generation. These techniques, if implemented properly can drive more traffic and can increase the visibility of your website in search engine result pages.
  1. Networking: Although networking through business function is an old fashioned technique to find customers still it can lead to potential business. However, networking has taken a different angle today with the evolution of popular networking, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc., Several companies feel that networking by making contacts via social media sites can lead to new customers.
  1. Add Contact information on every page of your website: Providing contact information on every page of the website increases the probability of people contacting you, advices Jonathan Bentz, marketing manager. This is because search engines today has become the most important medium to direct traffic on your website and you cannot anticipate in advance from where people are going to enter your website, so it is advisable to provide contact information on every page of the website, adds Bentz.