Email Marketing Tactics to Get the Most Out of Gmail

Email marketing today has become the best way to reach targeted audience. But it has been noted in the past few years that every new release by Gmail seemed to be intended to make life complicated for email marketers.

Still, there are many hidden opportunities that can enable you to get the most out of Gmail. With inputs from marketing expert, Edward Touw, we have listed below, email marketing tactics following which you are sure to dig up the most out of Gmail.

  1. Demonstrate your call to action in the subject line: Always remember that if you are using Gmail for marketing purpose, you can show certain line email CTA’s in the subject line of your mail, as Gmail gives you an opportunity to do so. Likewise, Gmail provides you to showcase the RSVP options next to the subject line if you, are inviting guests to an event.
  1. Grab attention in the promotions tab: Although this option is still in a trial phase, it can easily enable its users to view offers in a visually more convincing manner. Right now it is available for a few lucky ones, but this option can surely prove to be advantageous for many users once Google rolls this new product for all.
  1. Demonstrate your Google+ page beside your e-mail: You must have already come across this feature which enables users to right away see the Google+ page of that company whenever they opened an email from a company. This seemed to be google’s another attempt to fetch more people to use its social networking site.
  2. Build SEO-proof emails: Although this might sound impractical to you, but the fact is that search engine giant, Google is experimenting with this feature by including Gmail inboxes in the search engine results page. This feature is also under trial just like the promotional grid view. However, you can still learn more about this feature and be all set to utilize it once Google rolls it out to all the Gmail users.