Buying Database Is Not Enough, Clean Up Your Database

One of my old colleagues is running an IT services company from last two years. When he commenced his operations, his company was still in its embryonic stage and he preferred to buy a pre-packaged email list to help his sales team rather than investing time and effort into building a database from scratch. His decision helped him earn some big accounts and generate a considerably good amount of sales for a new company. When I met him recently, he told me that he was not able to reconnect with his old clients and that he is buying a new database. Probably he did not invest enough time in maintaining and updating his database which resulted in losing crucial contacts.

This is one of the common mistakes that most organizations make. They invest heavily into databases and never update the same. This habit costs them more in the long run as they repeatedly buy new databases when they can still generate significant revenue from their old databases. If your organization does not have the required human resource for the same, you can avail data appending services from various Email Appending Service providers. However, make sure that they are trustworthy enough to share your database with.

Data Appending could mainly be done for email addresses, telephone contacts, mailing addresses. These days, a lot of organizations are investing into social media appending as social media profiles give significant insights into customer preferences and keep the sales and marketing teams updated with the latest customer information to design personalized marketing messages.

Your marketing database is not eternal. As people change their place of stay, telephone numbers, and the organizations they work with, your database becomes obsolete. Updating your database at regular intervals will not only help you maintain a healthy relationship with your existing customers but also help you save significantly on your cost of sales and marketing.

Listed below are some of the ways data appending enhances your sales and marketing operations.

  • Fill up of missing contact information
  • Add extra information to the existing database
  • Enhance organization of data
  • Save cost and improve turn-around times
  • Enhance ability to reach ideal customers at every touch point
  • Replace and update incorrect and obsolete information
  • Enhance client relationship and improve customer retention rate

How to Append Data?

If you do not have a dedicated data team who can invest their time in verifying data by calling and emailing each prospect listed in the database, it’s better to give your database to a data appending service provider. Since they have a huge repository of data from different industry segments, they match the records in your database with their own data, check for wrong entries and discrepancies, and update the same to provide you a fresh, up-to-date database.