Should you Buy, Rent or Build Your B2B Email List?

We all know that email list plays a major role in B2B marketing campaigns. So, if you are a B2B marketer you must be always perplexed with a single question that what is better, buying, renting or building an email list? However, with great inputs from B2B marketer Eric Wittlake we have compiled below few points that can guide you to find out which option is better, the cost of different options and when are they most applicable?

  1. Buying a B2B Email list: For poor quality, purchased B2B email lists had a bad reputation in the past. However, even if the quality of the list is not that great still it can work well for many organizations because of its relatively low cost. You can consider buying a list if you have a clear cut plan to utilize the data throughout the year. Likewise, if the targeting options available to meet your needs, then you can consider purchasing a list.

For purchased lists you have to shell out $ 0.50 to $ 1.50 per contact, with some specialized sources per name will cost you around $3.

  1. Renting a B2B Email List: Often lists from some trade publications support the most wide-ranging industry-relevant selection criteria, and list rentals is the only way to access lists of these trade publications. Moreover, as compared to purchased lists, list rentals can reach a larger segment of a given target audience.

You can rent the lists if you meet the below listed criteria:

  • If the purchased lists do not have the selection criteria you require.
  • You will be using the list only a couple of times in a year as you are working on a very targeted program.
  • You are promoting a rare event like a webcast or local in-person event, and the supplementary available contact is key.

For one time use you need to pay $0.15 to $0.60 per name additionally you need to pay a premium for the extra data available through list rentals.

  1. Building a B2B Email List: For almost any criteria list can be built with a blend of research and calling. However, it can quickly become expensive. List builds is worth the investment if you meet the following circumstances.
  • If your main aim is to target very specific roles and companies.
  • You require cleanest data possible for an agenda that has a very high investment per person.
  • You need to contact a lot higher percentage of prospects than you can by buying a list.