Being a Superman in a Call Center: 5 Tips

A call center is always a busy zone where a bazillion calls are made and received every day. Agents try to keep their energies high and make every effort to reach out to customers to sell certain products or services, resolve customer issues and address their queries and confusions.

The life of a call center agent is not an easy one. He has to be a superman. Just like a joker who hides his emotions behind a mask, a call center agent, irrespective of the emotions he is going through in his personal life, has to give his best to keep every customer happy and his organization’s sales figures high. A lot of times, they take the bullets from customers for others’ faults.

Whatever the case may be, they are the growth agents for any company and any effort that could keep their energies high and keep them focused should be given a thought. Here are a few tips that could help call center agents to keep their nerves calm and keep going through all the odds and storms.

1. Be Extra Courteous

While dealing with customers over the phone, an agent must display kindness, courteousness, and sincerity towards customers’ concerns. You can get away in a lot of tricky situations if you keep your calm and politely address each customer. This may not completely solve your problem, but it may surely make it easy for you to deal with.

2. Remember: The Client Has No Personal Grudges Against You

If a customer is just bombarding you and hurling their frustrations upon you, remember that they have no personal grudges against you. They are only unhappy with the products or services that your organization has provided them. Taking their anger upon yourself can spoil your day. The customer might be angry but they have called you because they still seek a solution from you. And you must do every possible thing to address their concerns. That will give you contentment.

3. Beat Customer Expectations

Treat your customers the way you want to be treated. Go an extra mile and give them extra attention. Make them feel that they matter to you. As a telemarketer, you must try to understand their problem, communicate your limitations clearly, and resolve customer issues coordinating with the necessary departments as early as possible. The least you can do is to agree with them on their issues and comfort them politely.

4. Take a Chill Pill

You may witness a really bad day, but this is how the nature of telecalling is. You cannot always have a smooth ride. If you celebrate each of your small victories, you can have a much satisfying time dealing with the clients. You may also come across funny situations while dealing with your clients that you can always share with your colleagues and laugh over.

5. Using Call Center Automation Systems

This one for the BPOs and Call Centers! Making calls manually and keeping track of the calls made is highly frustrating and time-consuming. The entire process leads to wastage of over half of agents’ working hours ultimately reducing their performance and increasing the operational cost.

There is a range of call center/contact center solutions applications available today such as IVR systems VoIP PBX, call center diallers, voice logger, automatic call distribution or ACD application software amongst others. Some of these solutions bestow enabling features such as predictive dialler, hosted dialler, GSM & SMS integration, call recording and others.

These automated systems could significantly boost the efficiency of your call center teams and help them focus on the core tasks rather than getting stuck in micro-managing things.