10 Rules On How To Buy Email Lists

The Email lists industry which once performed vibrantly is under the threat of mistrust, and the reputation of genuine list sellers is quickly disintegrating. Every time an unhappy customer sheds light on personal experience with mediocre bogus list vendors, it affects the other established names as well. As a result, there is limited scope to find Mailing list from buyers who offer some form of assurance. It is due to the unprecedented surge in infamous desperado brands. These brands claim to sell rewarding mailing lists that are a database of duplicates, undeliverable, and every whatnot. An unsuspecting marketer takes the Kool-Aid, and then every other list sellers pay the price in terms of reputation.

Hence, I write this blog to tell you what you need to bear in mind while buying an email list. Following these 10 rules on how to buy email lists will save you the time and the investment. It may also help you overcome the dubious assumptions regarding the use of mailing lists for marketing.

Every marketer looking for mailing list must exercise caution. Desperation can land you in hot water; extreme budget consciousness will make you part away with your investment. It is easy to be smothered by countless list vendors who swindle desperate marketers with bogus lists that are sold in bulk at a low price. Practically, who wouldn’t when tempted with dirt cheap rates? Once the purchase is made, and the customer learns the truth, many of these swindlers will refuse to compensate for more illegitimate contacts.

There is a bigger pitfall awaiting oblivious marketers when undeliverable emails are used for campaigns. The ISP blacklisting the is a greater threat. The price to pay for the bad email list!

Due to fear of reputation being compromised, most email transmission companies will steer clear of the low-quality mailing list. Meanwhile, some transmission companies agree to transmit your campaign emails in exchange for money. But, what is not said is that most emails will be dispatched to spam box, and the marketer will be at loss, being oblivious to the bounce rates.

As the economy continues to bob due to shifting global markets, marketers are left vulnerable and often resort to obtaining unverified email list in bulk. The result could be catastrophic. To avoid regrets, it is recommended to demand a email list reliability for every purchase. If the vendors are hesitant or if a trade off isn’t in sight, it’s time to look elsewhere.

But, if you are skeptical about spending lavishly to have your campaigns reach the right inbox, it is recommended to opt for direct mail or telemarketing list. It is relatively cheaper than the former. Many independent studies have pointed the significance of direct mail campaigns where it has yielded better results than the email campaigns.

Follow these 10 rules when buying email lists

  1. Real Person

Try reaching the list vendor via phone call. If you are unable to talk to a representative to address your needs, you could be dealing with a phony vendor.

  1. Avoid Generic Lists

Generic email addresses are a bad investment. Watch out for email addresses such as [email protected]. It is likely to generate a measly response. There is a greater chance that such email addresses are sourced by web crawlers. Personalized campaigns are mainly targeted at business owners or individuals.

  1. Delivery Rate (It’s A Priority)

Note that the delivery rate less than 90% is a sheer disaster. It can lead to nowhere except the opposite direction from profits. When you order email list, quote the delivery rate of 90% and above. If you compromise on the aforesaid fact, the ISPs will block all your email blast. Yes, it means every contact purchased is flushed down the drain. Further, if the purchased list has good email addresses among the bad ones, the ISP will disregard it.

  1. Opt-in consent list

While obtaining the email database, it is essential that clients on the list give their consent to use their data; this allows for a better deliverability rate, strengthens customer relations, and creates better engagement, open rates, and a lower bounce rate of your email campaigns.
With a consent-based email list, you can target prospects with customized messaging that will have the most impact on the campaign’s success.

  1. Demand full names and direct email addresses

Pay attention to missing data. Always accept mailing list with full name or the recipient and the direct mail address to avoid the emails from reaching spam box. By ensuring that the list has genuine full names you can assure yourself the list doesn’t have redundant entries. The direct mail address as an assurance that you will receive no more than five email address from a single household.

  1. Validate The Quality

When you buy an email list, request for phone numbers as well. Call 10 random numbers to validate the users and the listed profiles. If they do not work in the listed industry or jobs, it is likely that rest of the mailing list is deceptive. Steer clear of email lists from vendors unwilling to give you phone numbers of users.

  1. Are You Getting The List You Requested

It is possible to verify if you are getting the right email list by demanding a Demographic Enhancement Report from an analytical vendor. It gives you an accurate insight about every list you purchase.

  1. Underestimating Cheap Mailing list can be risky

Some email list vendors may offer the lists at dirt cheap rates. It may seem tempting. But, you will regret if you take the bait. You will be risking your brands reputation and also the ISP may blacklist the IP address. The clean up can cost you a fortune.

  1. Quality is Wisdom, not Quantity

Many may argue that success is achieved by dispatching tens of thousands of emails. But the fact remains that the quality of email addresses will be the deciding factor for your efforts. If you can get 5,000 emails to the right inbox, it will do wonders for your business.

  1. Be wary of Cheap Offers

Vendors often fish for unwary marketers who promptly take the typical bait, “Cheap price tag”. Do not fall for the cost efficient email list. You will be swindled of your valuable money.

Follow these 10 rules before buying a mailing list to do a profitable marketing.