Outbound marketing, also known as interruption marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing which involves getting your marketing message communicated to the maximum size of the audience as possible through various methods. It includes both the paid and non-paid means such as advertising, direct mails, and others.

Through this strategy, we can quickly nurture as well as generate sales leads. Later, the actions are carried out by the sales representatives of the company. Generally, this approach is less profitable than inbound marketing.

what is outbound marketing

Different Types of Outbound Marketing

– TV advertisements

– Newspaper advertising

– Radio Ads

– Magazine Ads

– Banner or billboard Ads

– Email marketing

– Direct mail

– Telemarketing

– Branded marketing

– Trade exhibitions

– Meetings or seminars

– Press releases

– Blogging and Websites

– Social media

Benefits of Outbound Marketing

– It uses common media to communicate with the clients

– Hence you can quickly reach the vast audience

– Also, it helps in nurturing the lead generation

– You can also quickly generate the leads using this technique

– It adds a human touch to this concept

– Easily increase your brand value

– Also, it improves the website traffic

Problems with Outbound Marketing

– Difficult to track the outcome

– Your advertisements or calls may enter spam folder or do not call list respectively.

– Requires more money to execute

– But, the results are low than expected

– Also, it may result in Ad redundancy

– One may find it hard to get customer feedback


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